'''[[http://www.dragonflycave.com The Cave of Dragonflies]]''' is a ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' fan site. The main site's content is a little bit of everything, usually featuring whatever the [[Tropers/{{Antialiasis}} owner]] feels like putting there, but includes {{review}}s of the ''Pokémon'' movies and spin-off games, {{fanfiction}} ([[FanFic/TheQuestForTheLegends two of]] [[FanFic/{{Morphic}} which]] have their own pages here), game guides, a ''Pokémon''-themed [[AlternativeCalendar calendar]], tutorials, personality tests and an unimaginably long marquee. It also has a reasonably active [[{{Fora}} forum]] that used to be known for drama and is now better known for the overwhelmingly [[{{Atheism}} atheist]], [[PoliticalIdeologies liberal]] and [[CastFullOfGay LGBT]]/[[FunWithAcronyms QUILTBAG]] memberbase.

!! This website provides examples of:
* BanOnPolitics: Averted.
* CastFullOfGay: Well, forum.
* FanFic
* {{Fora}}
* ForumPeckingOrder: Mostly played straight, with [[Tropers/{{Antialiasis}} Butterfree]] at the top.
* PlayByPostGames: Always has at least one running on the forums.
* SelfDeprecation: In every poll that the owner has put on her site, she always includes 'You suck' as an option, no matter the subject.
* TheAtoner: [[Tropers/{{Flygon The Great}} FlygonTheGreat]], but that doesn't stop him from coming back time to time.
* {{Troll}}: Turbo, who has come back to the forum no less than ''sixteen times'' (and most likely more) after his first ban.