Website: Six Billion Secrets

Everyone has one. What's yours?

Six Billion Secrets is one of the many websites owned by Spartz Media. To put it simply, it is an FML-esque website where people can go to submit their secrets (in case you couldn't tell by the title) to a supportive community who won't judge them.

...Erm, well, at least that's how Spartz Media describes it. Like any public website, it's almost impossible to avoid judgement, and not everyone is as supportive as you may hope. However, it's a decent place to go if you have something you need to get off your chest but maybe aren't quite ready to talk to someone face-to-face yet, and there are very few contributors who are more than willing to provide helpful advice and genuine compassion to those who need it.

The site also provides a 1-on-1 anonymous chatroom known as Chamber of Secrets (and before you start, yes, I know what you're thinking. And yes, that was most likely intentional).

Keep in mind, the site literally gets thousands of submissions a day, so not every secret submitted gets posted.—-

This site provides examples of:

  • Angst: "Cheerful" wouldn't be the word to describe a lot of the secrets posted. Topics such as suicide, depression, self-harm, and eating disorders are common.
  • Artifact Title: The site began when there were only six billion people in the world. Now that it's well past seven billion, the title makes less sense.
  • Berserk Button:
    • Do not, under ANY circumstances, mention the word "society" when posting a secret. Whether you're "blaming" society or not, doing so would result in an Internet Backdraft.
    • Whether you're proud of the fact or not, the commenters will say absolutely anything to make you feel ashamed if you happen to be a virgin, or if you don't smoke/drink/do drugs while underage.
  • Emo Teen: A lot of the posters come off as this.
  • Emotional Torque: There are a few genuinely talented posters who know how to tug at people's heartstrings.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Well, sort of. The number of secrets on the site is more around the millions (the Six Billion is really referring to the world's population), but it wouldn't take a genius to figure out what exactly the site is all about.
  • Fanart: The illustrated secrets
  • Follow the Leader: Is quite similar to the website FMyLife, as well as GivesMeHope (which is also owned by Spartz Media, and was actually meant to be the more optimistic alternative to FMyLife).
  • Good Is Not Nice: Applies to most of the regular commentors, especially those who have been around since the site's beginnings. Many of them do give good advice and often suggest the OPs to take on a new POV when it comes to problems in their lives.
  • Hormone-Addled Teenager: Many of the posters are teenagers and young adults, and many of the posts are about their love lives.
  • Jerkass:
    • People who give out their numbers.
    • Many of the commenters come off as this. However, what you have to remember is that most of them are just Internet Tough Guys.
  • Rape as Drama: There are many rape stories, sadly, and a concerning amount of commenters are rape victims.
  • Secret Keeper: Not a person, but a whole community. However, this trope could only apply if the person/people you're keeping the secret from don't visit the site themselves.
  • Sex Is Good: The commenters seem to believe that virgins are boring prudes, and will often brag about their sex lives or tell people to "grow up" if they happen to have chosen abstinence.
  • Spiritual Successor: Again, to FMyLife and GivesMeHope.
  • Troll: Like any website, SBS is not immune to trolls. It's not uncommon to see a few made up "secrets", or horrible comments, people who don't indicate (they should all die), etc. However, not all of them are necessarily bad, as this little treasure provided much happiness to the community (if you don't get it, see this comic created shortly after the moderators realized what they let slip through).
    • And then there's this, which may or may not be a Hetalia reference. To be exact, a FrancexCanada Hetalia reference.
    • And this one, submitted as a joke by a commenter whose avatar at the time was a picture of a Companion Cube.
  • Twist Ending: Some people like to end their secrets in a shocking or unexpected manner.
  • You Keep Using That Word:
    • If you took a shot every time the phrase "Why Me" was mentioned in the comment section, you'd be dead within 15 minutes.
    • The commenters enjoy using the phrase "SPECIAL SNOWFLAKE" as an insult to those who have not lost their virginities, done drugs or gotten drunk before the age of 15.

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