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For when NeoGAF doesn't cut it. (Or they kicked you out.)

"This forum is something else."
Casshern X, Sega Forum Member

The Sega Forums is a public forum created in 1999 for users of the Dreamcast Web Disk, hosted and maintained by Sega themselves. It was later ReTooled to be more accessible for PC users, which is the form it exists in today.

It is primarily known for being a hub of chaos and weirdness, thanks in large part to its... interesting clientele, namely the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. Arguments erupt and threads are derailed like clockwork, and even the threads that remain relatively sane still play host to a fair share of silliness. Heavy moderation and strict rules against NSFW content prevents it from getting too wild, thankfully.

The Sonic boards are the most active on the forum, followed closely by the Lounge (a general discussion board) and the Platforms section (for discussing current video game platforms such as consoles, PC, and Mobile). Boards for discussion of Sega as a whole, customer support, and Fan Fiction are also available.


  • Alpha Bitch: Cyron Tanryoku, self-declared Queen of the Forums and expert in sass.
  • Berserk Button: Just about every member has their own button, usually a game they heavily dislike. There are a few standouts, though..
    • supersonic56 gained a measure of notoriety for his seething hatred of Dangan Ronpa. He even blamed it for the Vita's lack of market success. Any game that even appears to take inspiration from it will feel his wrath as well.
    • RedMenace was a staple of the Cartoons and Comics section for years due to her frequent and highly caustic criticism of Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog. The mere mention of it was all it took to summon a sermon from her.
    • Alice Twilight had a collection of these, among them: English dubbing of anime, Dm C Devil May Cry, the Sonic video games (she preferred the comics), and anyone who disagreed with her..
    • Go ask blackeyedsonic what he thinks of Sonic Boom. Go ahead, we dare you
    • Begging Sega to maake a Sonic Adventure 3 is a good way to get a lot of longtime members up in your grill, though this is more of an Internet Backdraft because it's so often used as a way to covertly voice your hatred for the post-Adventure games in general.
    • Alternate gameplay styles (e.g. Knuckles' treasure-hunting stages in Sonic Adventure) in general. Entire threads have been created to loudly and angrily lament the existence of gameplay that doesn't exactly match up with Sonic's.
    • Having large casts of characters (playable or playing a role in the plot) and small ones. Practically every user on the forum falls on one side of this divide, and they will let you know at any available opportunity..
    • shdowhunt60: Crack Pairings and erotic art, especially involving his favorite character, Tails, whom he doesn't like to see in inappropriate relationships.
    • Plastic Raven: Male characters being naked while females are clothed; when the animal characters are referred to as "human"; when he and others are told not to care about details like how both anthropomorphic and "regular" animals exist (this being the subject of this an infamous speech by Ian Flynn).
    • CHAnga: When Christianity or religion in general are made fun of or demeaned.
    • Crystal Chaotix 3: When the Sonic cast aside from the originals (Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Knuckles, plus Eggman) is shafted, particularly with the justification of appealing to a wide audience by sticking to characters the largest subset of the Sonic fanbase knows. This wound burns especially deeply for him because he grew up with Sonic Heroes, which had the largest playable cast of any official Sonic game so far.
    • Brutal Audino: Trash talk Sailor Moon in front of him and he'll have a serious word with you.
  • Bias Steamroller: More than they might like to admit.
    • shdowhunt60 makes very regular use of Sonic Adventure 2 as an example of nearly everything he likes in a Sonic game. On the other hand, he misses no opportunity to mention how stupid he thinks Silver the Hedgehog is, along with everything he appears in.
      • shdowhunt's also open about his biases in favor of fanfics involving Tails, especially focusing on his bond with Sonic.
    • Plastic Raven is very up-front about his biases in favor of the later Adventure era (roughly, Sonic Advance 2 through Shadow the Hedgehog) and Sonic X, during which he grew up, and as such tries to avoid comparing Sonic media between eras on quality.
      • He's also notable for his overly dramatic hatred of Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and Sonic the Hedgehog CD - interestingly, he once admitted that he doesn't actually hate Sonic 1; he's just confused about why it's so acclaimed despite its design flaws and is sick of hearing about it. CD he really does despise everything about, though.
    • BlazingShadowSonic harbors a pretty virulent hate for many Crack Pairing shippings - odd considering she's penned a Shadow x Rouge fanfic and most of her avatars have been of an infant Shadow.
    • CHAnga has a pervasive and putrid distaste for "moe" and "cute" anime/manga tropes of all kinds.
    • Kintor is unrelenting in his hatred of the Wii U and his expectations that it will fail.
    • Rad Dudesman routinely gloats about how terrible Adventure 1 and 2 are, along with everything about them such as hub worlds, large casts, and serious stories. He interjects this hatred frequently into conversations comparing different eras of Sonic.
    • Knuxfan24 absolutely despises Sonic Adventure 2 & Sonic the Hedgehog CD
    • Many, many users are this way about everything past the Classic era (which ended with the release of Adventure) - one has a banner declaring "R.I.P. Sonic the Hedgehog: 1991-1998" in their sig.
  • Cloud Cuckoolander: Quite a few.
    • Heliumbunny posts entirely in magenta-colored 1337speak, and that's probably the least unusual thing about her.
    • Twylis, similarly, posts in brightly-hued catspeak and is hardly ever serious about anything.
    • Ringtails made a name for himself by posting bizarre and hilarious rants in the Lounge. Unfortunately, he has been gone for many years and hardly anyone remembers him.
    • Mr. L is a role-player of the obscure Super Paper Mario character of the same name... as a Team Fortress 2 Medic. Pair this persona with his constant typos and random detours into actual depressive posts, and you have one interesting character.
    • Space Colony Bark routinely starts (and enters) threads to post numerous images comparing Sonic characters to other anime and game characters, theorizing that one was a ripoff of the other. (He's particularly fond of comparing any pink-haired girl to Amy and any green-haired girl or female anthro plant to Cosmo.)
  • Console Wars: Want to pretend that it's still the 90s and your plastic game box is sooo much better than their plastic game box? Visit the platforms section, you'll have a ball!
  • Dark Is Not Evil: There is a member named Death who adorns her profile all in black and graven imagery. She is one of the most upbeat people on the whole forum.
  • Disco Dan: Classic Sonic fans who beg Sega to bring back the hedgehog's old design are often seen as this.
  • Enfant Terrible: SpeedyBlueDude, who was almost banned for confirmation of being below the required age for signing up on the forums, and then actually banned for posting crap and starting FlameWars on a near-constant basis.
  • Even the Girls Want Her: Cyron Tanryoku has garnered an extensive female following.
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: It's a forum for discussing all things Sega. Yeah, shocking, I know.
  • Fangirl: Practically a staple of the forums. They've got so many fangirls you could paper the walls with them.
  • Flat "What.": Some members' reaction to the creation of this page.
  • Grammar Nazi: Some members do this out of habit, but anyone can slip into it if they get into an argument over proper grammar usage.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard: Happens so often that it's practically expected whenever two members get at each others' throats.
  • In Before The Lock: Any thread that goes off-topic or is consumed by bickering will be locked. Since both of those happen on a regular basis, this meme gets thrown out a lot.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: If there is a pun to be made, someone will make it every time.
  • Left Hanging: Alice Twilight, the Sega Forums' resident anime and graphic novel nerd, had a crush on supersonic56, whose outspoken distaste for one graphic novel in particular was his calling card. However, she was Perma Banned before she could pursue it beyond some tantalizing hints.
  • Only Sane Man :
    • Ayy Lmao Games - Probably one of the more chill users, and unlike 97% of the forum, doesn't get too into discussing the series. He also jokes around a lot, making him one of the more funnier users to go there. lmao
    • The Awesome User - Basically he's what is said above, however, interestingly, he seems to pretty disliked around the forum, mainly for him pressing very many user's Berserk Button. However, it is possible he is just there just for the lulz as no sane person would actually just go there and actually participate.
  • The Mole: Doubly subverted, in a very strange way. In September 2014, a discussion of the exiled Big Bad Condor turned up Condor's writings of having started a backup account in June 2011 and another very recently, with the intention of continuing his malicious, manipulative behavior. Plastic Raven noticed that he had joined in June 2011 and sported a bird-related name to boot, so he turned it into a joke, implying that he had been Condor all along (with a cackling Death Note reference). The humor was lost and users gaped in disbelief at their betrayal. To make matters worse, Noah Maxwell stumbled in and was taken as Condor's second Mole account. Both users professed innocence and were informally exiled for a while until it dawned on the public that they were telling the truth. It's rarely spoken of now, being regarded as a colossal Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
  • Motifs: Sometimes it's the only way users can distinguish themselves here among the sea of the like-minded. Other times it's just cool.
    • Theadvisor1234, a big Professor Layton fan, has often used avatars related to the series, aside from referencing it in discussions.
    • meowthecat has a recurring... well, cat motif, often ending sentences with "meow!"
    • Casshern X has a trend of anime profile pictures, despite having admitted once that he actually isn't a big anime fan.
    • Brutal Audino also has a trend of anime profile pictures, mostly Sailor Moon.
    • Knuxfan24's signature points out that he is likely the only one on the forum to use his actual IRL self as his profile picture
  • The Pollyanna: ShiningStar, a radiant beam of light who graced the forums with her presence as a way to deal with depression over her sister's ill health. Nobody could speak to her without getting infected with cheer.
  • Rapid-Fire "No!": The reaction you will get if you post something particularly outrageous.
  • Rule of Fun: Game threads and other random silliness have come to dominate the forums, the Lounge in particular. Why? Because it's fun!
  • Running Gag: There have been many over the years.
  • Serious Business: On these forums, grown men and women gather to discuss E-rated video games about brightly-colored cartoon animals smashing robots with all the seriousness of a film studies class dissecting Dark City. That is, when they're not posting memes and shipping their favorite characters together.
  • The Smart Guy: Theadvisor1234, whose vast knowledge of storytelling and design places him a notch above the rest.
    • Other members who take a notably intellectual, educated, and serious approach to discussion include shdowhunt60, Plastic Raven, and Casshern X, but Theadvisor's been doing it the longest and probably the best.
  • Something Completely Different: No matter what a given thread is about, if it goes on for long enough it will eventually be derailed by a complete Non Sequitur.
  • Sugar and Ice Personality: Many of the more serious members exhibit this. Theadvisor, for example, can be quite a romanticist, while shdowhunt has a thing for foxes and other cute canids.
  • Sonicexe : A weird guy to say the least. He doesn't know If he wants to be evil or not. He usually sticks to the lounge and annoys people with his personal problems. Overall, hes a douche that you want to be friends with.
  • Video Game : Brutal Audino's SEGA Forum Fighters and SEGA Forum Heroes, both which are cancelled. There is hope for another try, but with smaller production values.