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Website: Pointless Waste Of Time
Pointless Waste of Time, also known as PWoT or the Cracked forums, is an internet forum on the Cracked server. It's run by David Wong, author of John Dies at the End, and former webmaster, who now works as Cracked's Editor-in-Chief. The forum has a strict set of rules nobody seems to bother reading, and is very tolerant of smilies, acronyms and memes. Forum moderators agree that these things are an essential, new-age component of the english language and should be encouraged in order to further progress world culture. If you decide to pay them a visit, be sure to open with a detailed introductory post filled with plenty of lolcats to evoke a positive response from the community.

Wong, along with his friend John Cheese, started PWoT in 1999 as an outlet for their writing. While Cheese focused on pure comedy (in the insane-sociopathic-adventures form), Wong, with less time, decided that he couldn't let his fans wait months for a thousand-word article about fucking a cactus, and produced more insightful material like The Monkeysphere. The PWoT Forums debuted in 2001, the same year as 9/11, which is all the proof you need that PWoT is "a CIA site."

Ever since, PWoT has had one of the highest standards of comedy and intelligent discussion. Cracked and PwoT merged in 2007, and David Wong was hired as an editor and article writer. The forums were integrated into Cracked, and thus the most popular comedy site in the world (with one percent of the world in reader base) was born.

Not to be confused with actual pointless wastes of time, nor with A Complete Waste Of Time.

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alternative title(s): Pointless Waste Of Time
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