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->She was good in Lethal Weapon 2 :)

->What a curious and spurious personal hygiene deterioration reaction to a televised grand-parental custodial revelation. I wonder if she's started slopping out and eating porridge?

->I hope she never gets any really bad news, can you imagine her poor neighbours?

->* I'm going to copyright the phrase "spurious personal hygiene deterioration reaction" in case any famous psychiatrists might be reading this.

-->-- '''[=JamesHyles=], forum member, discussing Patsy Kensit stopping washing her hair after finding out her grandfather did three years for robbery in ''Series/WhoDoYouThinkYouAre'' '''

The biggest ''Series/DoctorWho'' fan site on the Internet, until its closure in August 2007.

Run by the organisers of the Gallifrey One conventions held annually in Los Angeles, it was frequently read by the series production team, journalists and {{Tie In Novel}}s writers, a number of whom also post there.

With the new series, the site was mentioned in the UK tabloid press, most notably when the outpouring of anger to Christopher Eccleston's departure forced its forum to be shut down for four days. Although not an official site, it had more members than the BBC's discussion forum and maintains good relations with the official show team, and key persons from the production team of the new series and expanded media have been known to post there. It also attracts a lot of professional writers about TV- no fewer than six members turned up in a 2008 documentary on British detectives called ''The Perfect Detective''.

With Shaun Lyon deciding to shut the site down, its main constituents were split off into separate websites, although they retained their links.

The forum moved to now-defunct doctorwhoforum.com and had a very notable atmosphere. Many of the sub-forums were named after ''Series/DoctorWho'' connected items i.e. "The Space Museum" (a trading section), "Time-Space Visualiser" (the other media section) and "The Leisure Hive" (a more mature section that was formerly for over 18s only and referred to in other threads if things started to wander into the inappropriate), "Tenth Planet" ('serious' real world debate and discussion - politics, religion etc).

It had a number of running gags ([[Series/TheFastShow "I'll get me coat" and other variations]], usually after cracking a bad joke) and a [[strike:slight]] [[strike:marked]] significant tendency towards fan-boy and fan-girl behaviour at times. Also the longer a thread went on, the more likely someone would try and derail the thread by [[YuriFan talking about lesbians]] (and occasionally bonobos, or gay necrophiliac ducks... don't ask). However, it was a very friendly place with a lot of knowledgeable, funny and creative people, not all of whom are tropers. Yet!

The new forum was shut down on July 31st 2009 - and note that it has ''not'' been archived. However, Website/GallifreyBase is a SpiritualSuccessor. You may find it [[http://www.gallifreybase.com/forum here]].

Former home to [[FanFic/TheBenChathamAdventures the adventures of Ben Chatham]].

Note: People with free e-mail subscriptions could not become members of the forum.

This website contained examples of:
* CatchPhrase
** "I'll get me coat" and other similar stuff from ''Series/TheFastShow''
* FanFiction (an entire sub-forum)

Tropers who hung around there:
* @/SilentHunter
* @/GracieLizzie as ''Gracie Lizzy''
* @/{{Gizensha}}
* @/{{Meems}}
* @/{{KKDW}}
** er... the same KKDW from Glitter's Cap-Page Board?
* @/MsShaw
* @/SctFn
* @/DoctorNemesis as ''Joseph Q Publique'' (his taste in usernames sucks, by the way)
* @/{{Grimace}}
* @/{{Doyle}}
* @/{{Ozymandias}}, as ''Space Lizard''
* @/{{Shale}}, only when the show is actually running.
* @/{{Drakyndra}}, but rather less so as of late.
* @/{{Rebochan}}, who lurks endlessly without speaking a word.
* @/{{Nightsky}}
* @/DocFilth, only a very occasional poster here.
* @/{{Flyairth}}
* @/StereotypicalWizard as ''The Topiary of Omega''
* @/{{Kayube}} while the show is running in the US.
* @/{{RJTAYLER}} until 31/7/09 at least
* @/DamienTheKillerIguana, as simply ''Killer Iguana'', at least until one fateful link on one fateful thread linked him to [=TVTropes=].com. His visits became less frequent after that.
* @/DorisWildthyme until the Obverse Books Debacle.