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Website: Not Always Right
But they still think they have the right to whine.

A Not Always Right customer is one that is 1. Trying to get something for nothing; 2. Abusing the employee for one reason or another (trying to get their own way, or for the fun of it); 3. Doesn't realize they're wrong.

(The Customer is) Not Always Right is a website dedicated to stories of the stupid, ignorant, egotistical, funny and just plain mad customers whom retail staff across the world (well, mostly in the Anglo-sphere — since it's an English-only site) encounter. It can be a good example of Tropes that appear in Real Life. That being said, it is best to take most of it with a grain of salt.

In 2011, two sister sites were launched: Not Always Romantic and Not Always Related. In 2012, they added Not Always Working to the collective, followed by Not Always Learning in 2013, and Not Always Friendly in 2014.

Examples pertaining to Not Always Right can be found on the following pages:

Not Always Working now has its own trope page. Entries to NAR's other sister sites may be found below.

Compare Acts of Gord, a site which has a similar premise except from the perspective of just one guy.

This website's sister sites contain examples of:

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     Not Always Romantic 

     Not Always Related 

    Not Always Learning 

     Not Always Friendly 

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