[[caption-width-right:350:But they still think they have the right to whine.]]

->''[[http://notalwaysright.com/a-not-always-right-customer-the-winning-definition-is/16247 What Is A Not Always Right Customer?]]\\
A Not Always Right customer is one that is 1. Trying to get something for nothing; 2. Abusing the employee for one reason or another (trying to get their own way, or for the fun of it); 3. Doesn't realize they're wrong.''

''[[http://notalwaysright.com/ (The Customer is) Not Always Right]]'' is a website dedicated to stories of the stupid, ignorant, egotistical, funny and just plain mad customers whom retail staff across the world (well, mostly in the Anglo-sphere -- since it's an English-only site) encounter. It can be a good example of Tropes that appear in RealLife. [[UnreliableNarrator That being said, it is best to take most of it with a grain of salt.]]

In 2011, two sister sites were launched: [[https://notalwaysright.com/romantic/ Not Always Romantic]] and [[https://notalwaysright.com/related/ Not Always Related.]] In 2012, they added [[https://notalwaysright.com/working/ Not Always Working]] to the collective, followed by [[https://notalwaysright.com/learning/ Not Always Learning]] in 2013, [[https://notalwaysright.com/friendly/ Not Always Friendly]] in 2014, [[https://notalwaysright.com/hopeless/ Not Always Hopeless]] in 2016, [[https://notalwaysright.com/healthy/ Not Always Healthy]] in 2017, and [[https://notalwaysright.com/legal/ Not Always Legal]] in 2018.

Examples can be found on the following pages:

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* Website/NotAlwaysWorking
* [[NotAlwaysRight/SisterSites Other Sister Sites]]

As of May 2017 all the sites been merged into one site.

Compare Website/ActsOfGord, a site which has a similar premise except from the perspective of just one guy, and ''ComicStrip/{{Retail}}'', which covers a lot of the same territory.