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Website: MZPtv
MZPtv is a website and community for original virtual TV series, mini-series, movies and webisodes written in Script Fic format. It began as a site for Buffy the Vampire Slayer virtual series, but expanded to include other fandoms.

The website and community are also home to plenty of screenwriting lessons, advice articles, tips and tricks, and is a place where amateur and aspiring writers can look for feedback. There are also places to post other forms of writing, such as prose or poetry.

In 2012 the admins decided, in an attempt to advertise to a wider audience due to the previous burden of possible copyright infringements, to go all-original, moving all of their old fanfic to an off-site blog.

MZPtv current original Virtual Series include:

MZPtv archived fanfiction Virtual Series include:

MZPtv archived Virtual Movies include:

This website provides examples of:

  • Continuation: The site hosts several virtual continuations of canceled series.
  • Hypothetical Casting: Most series include a list of actors whom the writers imagine as playing the parts.
  • Script Fic: Most of the series are written in television script format.
  • Webisode: Several upcoming series, as well as supplements for the rebooted Malleus Maleficarum, are written in the style of webisodes.

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