A popular (if we do say so ourselves) ''WesternAnimation/CodeLyoko'' forum, with users ranging from the brilliant, the insane and the emo to the just plain annoying (you know who you are). Currently has several mods and a few admins of varying activity levels. The voice actors from the series pop in occasionally, though Forum Policy forbids bothering them ''too'' much (they're busy people), and as of late, they have been scarce.

Currently found [[http://lyokofreak.net/forum/ here]]. Chat can be found at IRC server irc.teklinks.org, Group #lyokofreak.

A popular sub-project of the forum is Let's Talk Tech ([=LTT=]), a thread dedicated to [[{{Fanon}} reverse-engineering]] the show's [[AppliedPhlebotinum Phlebotinum]].

The forum is also known, or at least made distinct by its proportionally large troper population. And the fact that all Troper members EntryPimp CL like mad.

December 2012 saw the introduction of the [[http://lyokofreak.net/wiki Lyoko Freak Wiki]], a new initiative to bring up to data and quality information to the CL fanbase. [[SugarWiki/NeedsMoreLove Right now, it needs quite a bit of content before it can be unveiled to the general public.]]
Members include:

* @/AndyWaltfeld
* @/AngelBolt (Mod) (Stealth member and cartoon afficionado extraordinaire). Has a shovel.
* @/AriRockefeller (every once in a while)
* @/{{Carth}} (Mod)
* @/{{Cassius335}}
* Mewberries151 (Admin)
* @/PlanetCool
* [[@/GuardianGiro Reploid CB]] (Admin)
* Soul Jelly
* Star Way (Site creator, currently on uncertain hiatus)
* Stephen/X1 (former BKO mod, admin. Has been seen lurking every now and then. Whereabouts are unknown.)
* Stonecreek (Mod)
* @/{{Tangent 128}}
* [=TB3=] (Admin and resident BigNameFan)
* TL.
* @/TheAppleFreak, new admin. Was given complete administrator access to the site in October 2012, and has led the move to upgrade the forum and the rest of the site.
* Wartonchan (who ran the now-defunct sister forum Tech Links. His account was deleted off of LF due to a [[FreakLabAccident server upgrading error]])