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aka: Good Old Games
Launched in 2008, (formerly known as Good Old Games) is a digital distributor of video games for Windows and Mac OS. Owned as a subsidiary of Polish video game studio CD Projekt RED (of The Witcher fame), via the Cyprian company GOG Ltd., is best known for ports of abandonware titles from The Eighties and The Nineties to modern operating systems, though they also have a decent catalog of current releases as well (primarily indie games rather than AAA titles).

One of their major advertising points is the fact that they distribute their games without DRM, in contrast to services such as Steam and Origin. In addition the older games in their catalog are all modified to run properly on modern systems (frequently using DOSBox and Scumm VM emulation), and usually include lots of feelies such as soundtracks, manuals, and forum avatars, as well as scans of feelies that came with the original game (maps, comics, and the like). With older games the feelies frequently take up more hard drive space than the game itself does.

Many of the titles in their catalog are compilation rereleases: for instance, the first three Ultima games are one package, the next three are another, Ultima VII and its Expansion Pack Serpent Isle are a third, and the Ultima Underworld duology are yet a fourth.

Compare Steam and DESURA.

Video games and series available on include:

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