'''[[http://www.furaffinity.net/ FurAffinity]]''' is an art-based website devoted to all things [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom furry and anthro]], formerly run by Sean "Dragoneer" Piche. One is bound to find a wide variety of creative works on FA, ranging from music to stories to art and photography; while it's not unheard of to find non-furry-centric work on the site, the vast majority of submissions to the site are centered around anthropomorphic/furry characters.

FA does its best to compete against Website/DeviantArt, at least as far as giving an artistic outlet to the furry community. Both DA and FA allow a broad range of content (read: smut), with the difference that DA allows full frontal human nudity, and frowns on the more kinky furry stuff while FA allows the latter and bans the former. Due to these differing restrictions, FA is traditionally a furry's first stop for new furry artwork. Because of its sheer size, it has become the ''de facto'' FriendingNetwork for most furries as well.

How you feel about the site depends on how you feel about the furry fandom: It can be a nice place to look at anthro art, a very bad case of {{Rule 34}} gone wild or [[TakeAThirdOption Both...]]

In early 2015 Fur Affinity was purchased by avatar based chat-network IMVU.

!!This website provides examples of:
* ComplainingAboutThingsYouHaventPaidFor: Regardless of site, even when it's free to use, people will complain. [=FurAffinity=]'s owner has said he won't condemn people for expecting reliable service.
** Actually, there are some people who donate to FurAffinity and have openly admitted they regret it, because their staff have promised stuff if they reach X amount of donations, and something was rarely accomplished.
* DontLikeDontRead: The general feeling of the community. Browse the adult section with the mature filter, then complain about something being too kinky for you -- you'll get ignored or told off. You can, of course, find a hell of a lot worse than "just porn" on the site -- but not knowing that makes you fail Internet 101. For a long time though it was difficult to browse mature content selectively since there were filters to hide ''everything'' that wasn't 100% family-friendly, or filter nothing. More specific filters have since been introduced.
* UsefulNotes/FurryFandom: As the name says, [=FurAffinity=] is a site for furries, mostly for artists to showcase their artwork but also as one the main {{Friending Network}}s/communities for the fandom.
* HighTurnoverRate: The site is chronically understaffed. This causes trouble tickets to pile up, which leads to staff getting burnt out and quitting, causing the cycle to repeat. Occasionally staffers will quit and drop an {{Internal Reveal}} of {{Executive Meddling}} regarding the site's administrators, the general contents of which {{EverybodyKnewAlready}}.
** This was the case in August 2015, when [[https://forums.vivisector.org/index.php?topic=624.msg9071#msg9071 every single moderator on the site's forums resigned]] over the course of two days.
* LoopholeAbuse:
** Avatars were not originally filtered by the mature filter, so people with the mature filter turned on would be met with any number of NSFW avatars. A rule was eventually put into place to close the loophole, and avatars must not exceed PG-13 content.
** The full view feature for submitted artwork. By default, the site forces large images to be reduced down when being viewed in full view mode. However, people get around it (mostly by accident) by resubmitting their artwork, which causes the image in full view mode to be displayed in its original size, which can lead to huge sized pics to overfill the screen.
* {{NSFW}}: Mature content is allowed, but must be tagged and can only be viewed by logged-in users who have disabled the filter.
* RuleThirtyFour: [=FurAffinity=] is one of the biggest sources of R34 porn, and proof that there really ''are'' "no exceptions".
* ShoutOut: Some of the site banners.
** One is a ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' homage.
** [[http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6770599/ There]] [[http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6676584/ have]] [[http://www.furaffinity.net/view/6679493/ been several]] banners to the effect of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic''.
* SdrawkcabName: Alternative site mascot Rednef, who originally came around as an April Fools' joke.
* SitcomArchNemesis: Website/DeviantArt, based on a former ban of furry and anthro art from appearing on the front page of DA.
* [[GameBreakingBug Site Breaking Bug]]: Let's just say the site is not known for its strict QA. By and large, broken features (except newly-added ones) are more likely to be removed than fixed.
* StartMyOwn: What kicked off FA's creation was a sudden ban on pornographic material on fellow [=DeviantArt=] clone [=SheezyArt=]. And on the flip side of the coin, a number of competing sites have been started since then out of dissatisfaction with FA.
* SturgeonsLaw: Kind of enforced. The site has minimal screening, no rating or vote systems, and no options to browse art by most viewed or most favorited. Avoiding bad art requires browsing other user's favourites (given they have a taste you agree with) or finding artists to follow and only browse your inbox.
* ViewersLikeYou: One of the larger sites to be primarily donation-based, though it still takes in a bit of money from sidebar ads.
* WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties: Sudden outrages or general instabilities are usually met with this message on the site's header.
* {{Yiff}}: Being a 18+ site containing user generated content and owing its very creation to another art site refusing to allow yiff on their front page, you're going to get porn.

!!User content on this website provides examples of:
* AnimalStereotypes: Very, very common.
* ArtisticLicenseBiology and ArtMajorBiology: Leaving anthro aspects aside, some art is uploaded into animal categories they clearly do not belong in.
* [[AuthorAvatar Artist Avatar]]: The vast majority of the FA userbase has one.
* BaitAndSwitch: Many artists like to use a VisualPun and fool their viewers by using a thumbnail with a warning label on it to indicate an "adult" picture, except the actual picture is something completely harmless. A {{Troll}} will do the complete opposite. Expect this trope to come in full force every year on April Fool's Day.
** This seems to have lessened as of late, since the site now only allows custom thumbnails on main user pages and highlighting any one of them shows a downscaled version of the actual submission. It still works with any submissions that aren't simple image files, such as Flash or GIF animations, music or writing.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Rednef has prominent boobs but no nipples ([[NippleAndDimed of course]]). Fender however ''does'' have visible nipples in his official incarnations, making this a rare {{inversion}} from how it usually works with furries.
* EveryoneIsGay[=/=]EveryoneIsBi: Most characters seen on the site are not cis heteros. Purely-straight people ''are'' a statistical minority in the UsefulNotes/FurryFandom, after all (allegedly).
* {{Expy}}: Many Franchise/{{Digimon}} and Franchise/{{Pokemon}} [=OCs=], some with the same personalities as their original counterparts. One of the founders' AuthorAvatar is a Guilmon/Monodramon expy, except bigger, purple and subjected to fetish of the week (sometimes with Guilmon along for the ride). This likely also applies to ''Franchise/{{Sonic|The Hedgehog}}''-based and [[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic Brony]] [=OCs=] as they do have their own categories on the site.
* FantasticRacism: Both in stories, and on the site; for instance, if you represent yourself as a dragon, people are likely to think you're stuck up. The reason for the FantasticRacism against dragons and other magical/mythological species is because they have a reputation as being {{Mary Sue}}s: mainly because the person can make up as many wondrous and especial traits for their character, since their dragon/manticore/pegasus is ''always'' [[OurDragonsAreDifferent different]] (and it's a fictional species anyway, right?) The community's instability being what it is, it's likely that ''someone's'' going to chew on you unless you choose [[SmallTaxonomyPools a species nobody's heard of]] like okapi.
* LostForever: It's not uncommon for users to post images online, [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere and then abruptly leave for unknown reasons and take all their artwork down without telling a single person about it]]. When it comes to FA, being a pack-rat and saving everything you like locally pays off sometimes.
* MascotWithAttitude: Most of the "punkier" furries. Also a common trait of [[CopyCatSue copycat Sonic OCs]].
* MixAndMatchCritters: Site mascot Fender is a ferret/fox, but [[InformedSpecies he looks more like a raccoon]]. Pretty common among user characters, too.
* MrFanservice: Any decently drawn [[RatedMForManly muscular male]] furries or just good-looking male furries (mostly wolves, canines or dragons) will draw comments about how hot they are.
* MsFanservice: It's pretty rare to find female characters who ''aren't'' created for this reason.
* NonMammalMammaries: {{Averted|Trope}} more often than played straight, but draws more attention when it's played straight. There's also an odd variant where female furries sometimes have species-appropriate MultiBoobage even when males in the same drawing lack the extra nipples.
* OurDragonsAreDifferent: You can find that users "support" all the major dragon types (western, eastern, wyvern, etc.), but what types actually get drawn is a whole another thing. The same goes for the less common mythological species such as {{unicorn}}s, [[OurGryphonsAreDifferent gryphons]] and [[ThePhoenix phoenixes]].
* OurWerewolvesAreDifferent: The most common interpretation seems to be that werewolves are anthropomorphic wolves, with additional little something going on during full moon.
* RageQuit: Many artists who abandon the site will post a journal either explaining why they are leaving (often in the form of a TheReasonYouSuckSpeech directed at the community) or just a simple ScrewThisImOuttaHere. Trolls are highly attracted to these journals. Additionally, brimstoney "leaving forever" rants will regularly cause big drama.
** Happens to be common on sites like this, but what's unique about FA is the alarming number of journals like that who specifically leave the site because the administration isn't all what meets the eye. Could be publically viewed as a MarySue kind of move, until you notice that former staff members, site maintainers and high-ranked admins are part of those numbers...
* ScrewTheRulesIHaveMoney[=/=]ScrewTheRulesIMakeThem: Regularly invoked when something against the site TOS happens by admin fiat, especially when money is involved.
* ShamelessSelfPromoter: For years there was no rule against it, so users habitually held raffles for free art and usually required the entrants to post a link back to the promoter's journal or watch their account. Nowadays, it's forbidden on account of "spamming to win" and clogging users' inboxes with journals that aren't worth reading.