Website / Cracked, founded in 2005, is a comedy-infotainment website spun off from the now-defunct Cracked Magazine, which was founded in 1958. It can be found here.

Relying largely on (debatably) humorous list articles, Cracked has become rather famous on the internet. Its lists, which can be written by anyone (hence these notes indicating inconsistency), are rooted in fact (usually) and coated in humour (mostly), dispensing interesting (often), historical (sometimes), and scientific (occasionally) trivia surrounded by jokes (always). It has about a half dozen full-time columnists on payroll, who dish out weekly and biweekly articles on serious subjects ranging from the cultural effects of the Internet, to Choose Your Own Adventure Gonzo-style articles about visiting the zoo while on an amount of drugs capable of killing most men, to action reporting while getting kidnapped by pirates.

Small-time celebrities, including Seanbaby and Michael Ian Black, have written articles for Cracked, with Seanbaby now part of the column staff.

The website plays host to numerous Internet sketch groups, webcomics (such as Subnormality, White Ninja and Daisy Owl), and its own caption contest (now retired to the archives). It has added an encyclopedia known as Cracked Topics, where Cracked readers submit articles on a variety of subjects, from Steven Seagal to Punk Rock (including one about TV Tropes).

For tropes relating to the original magazine, see Magazine.Cracked.

Who's who on the current column writers:

With frequent non-columnist posters:

And Formerly:

They also have video content. The videos range from cultural to just random topics.

Video contributions include:

On top of the regular columnists, Cracked accepts articles from anybody who wants to write one: all you have to do is create a forum account, read this, and follow the link at the bottom to get access to a forum where you can pitch your own potential articles. As such, some of their articles are written by denizens of This Very Wiki.

Reading and/or general association with will also make you irresistibly sexually attractive.[citation needed]

Tropes present on the website: