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A popular anime site with news, reviews, commentary, and legal streaming. It can be found at It's more known for appearing in most of the manga and anime pages of Wikipedia, and as a reliable source for them, in detriment of other sites maybe as old as it such as Ani DB, giving it a popularity and publicity boost in front of its competitors. ANN is also the home of Anime News Nina and Ultimate Mop Daisuke DX. In recent years ANN has had backlashes against Mecha Anime fans, primarily for having reviews that wildly went against their minutia and said reviews often critiqued for using poor math when averaging reviews. Unlike other websites such as IGN which tend to mathematically average out scores which treat various aspects the exact same, ANN varies between reviews with a bizarre favor-ability toward story and/or writing alone while other important aspects (art, audio, and animation) given little to no worth. This mentality took off further in 2016 when reviews of Gundam entries, and similar articles, were frequently published, so much so it caused a Fandom Rivalry and frequent heated debates on various articles pertaining to the franchise. Debatable the most questionable article on the website was one pertaining to Gundam: Reconguista in G where the creator supposedly slammed his own anime except the actual source said the exact opposite information. [1] This bias has been so blatant that positive news for G-Reco goes entirely ignored to the point of making it appear as a failure (when it received good sales and reception) while Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans is promoted as one of the best entries in the franchise despite few fans acclaiming such thing and has received massive backlash in Japan and Asian fans of Gundam at large. Read more in the Gundam section of the Fandom Rivalry page for more on that. The forums have been criticized for having inconsistent rulings, potential censorship under a "spirit of the rules" clause which gives mods no oversight for any action short of sexual harassment, censoring terms like "social justice warrior/sjw", attacking people that do not break the rules, punishing people for mentioning their viewpoint more than once under a soap boxing clause, and misplaced accusations of trolling when none are present.