Website /, is a now-defunct very strange website once tucked away in the far corners of the web. It would also give you a ridiculous amount of nightmares. Like many similar "maze sites" it's addicting solely because you have no real idea what you're looking at, it seems like it has some meaning beneath the gibberish, pseudo-philosophical ramblings, and technobabble, and maybe it does, or maybe not. Some of the site's graphics cause fake "errors" on one's computer, however there is no spyware or malware known to be on the site. The general format is fairly simple, there are many graphic and text-heavy pages, they all have links to other pages (except a few dead ends) leading you around the site on various "paths". It is not known to have a "final screen" like some maze sites do.

Mirrors of the site are available on the Internet Archive.

This website provides examples of: