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Webcomic: X Meets Y

X Meets Y is a limelight-focused doujinshi for Dragon Ball. The limelight in question is focused on Yajirobe.

X Meets Y is hosted on numerous sites, such as SmackJeeves, Drunk Duck, and Manga Bullet. It's updated on Sundays, most of the time. The story is progressing very slowly so far and occasionally falls victim to Schedule Slip.

The author of X Meets Y is One of Us, TV Troper Beary Scary.

Not to be confused with the conceptual trope X Meets Y.

The first chapter deals with Julia Jones, who is being investigated by the mysterious, much-malinged Seal of Uroboros. Yajirobe observes two Templars of the Seal trying to search Dr. Jones' house, only to run into her secret headfirst.

Contains examples of:

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