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Webcomic: Worse
"It is a messy, itchy time for the Universe" (from the Introduction)

Worse is a webcomic written by Giulio Vassalli and illustrated by Andres Ayerbe, hosted by ComicFury.

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After many years in high school together making silly comics about their friends, the guys figured it would be amazing to make one everybody could read, still based on the same characters they had used over and over. The idea was born to make the ultimate parody with a philosophical-mystical twist. After more than one year sketching the plot and the characters out, Worse finally went online on the now historic date of November 21, 2010.

Currently in the early introductory stage of "Episode IV: Good Vibrations", Worse updates every Sunday and can be reached here for the English version or qui for the Italian one.

If you've always asked yourself, "What is the Zigghist?" you will find the answer in Worse.

This webcomic provides examples of:

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alternative title(s): Worse
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