[[http://weirdinacan.tk Weird in a Can]] is a comedy webcomic by some moron calling himself Tropers/DrFurball.

It's a tale of three teenage students at [[AcademyOfAdventure Mad Science Academy]]. One of them, [[AuthorAvatar Dr. George Furball III]] eats a magic lightbulb one day and gets electricity-projecting powers. The other two, Dr. Phillip Pain and Dr. Elizabeth Red do some stuff, too.

It began as an intended graphic novel back in 2005. But four years (and 16 chapters) later, the author decided to redraw the worst of the art, fix the stories and dialogue, reverse the CerebusSyndrome and post it on the internet. The first 2 chapters have been uploaded in their entirety (along with a ChristmasEpisode), and more should follow.
!! This comic provides examples of:
* AffectionateParody: Chapter X-Mas.
* WriteWhoYouKnow: The cast is very much based on people in the author's life.
* ArtEvolution: It's easy to see which panels were drawn in 2005 and which ones were redrawn in 2010 and 2011.
* TeleportersAndTransporters: Phil builds one that runs on gasoline.
* GirlPosse: Liz has to deal with these.
* ScheduleSlip: After the first half or so of Chapter 1 was posted, it took a year for the rest of the chapter to show up.
* ChristmasEpisode: [[http://wiac.smackjeeves.com/comics/1381461/a-great-big-scrooge-up/ A Great Big Scrooge-Up]].
* ShoutOut: The first chapter references Franchise/{{Pokemon}}. Franchise/LupinIII and [[WesternAnimation.TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987 April O'Neil]] cameo in "A Light Snack".
* [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair Phil's Gotta Have Green Hair]]: Although the comic's in black & white, colored illustration have shown him to be the only character with weirdly colored hair.
* BonusMaterial: The Intermissions aren't usually necessary for the plot, but are usually just short gags serving as chapter breaks.

More to be added later.