Webcomic: Very Bad Koalas

Very Bad Koalas is a webcomic written by Nicholas Brendon and drawn by Steve Loter. It centers on two koalas, the uptight and cowardly Irving, and the laid-back Avery. They were just living their regular lives until one night, when they wake up in the same jail cell with a smoking hole in the wall and a 1958 Cadillac El Dorado parked outside, and no recollection of the events that brought them there.

Making their escape in the Cadillac, the koalas find out from a wandering hipster shaman gorilla that they have been accused of every single crime ever described, and they are about to actually commit them all. Having only one way to go, the koalas heads for "Out There", a strange place where bizarre things happens very often.

Hilarity Ensues, as the duo tries to prove their innocence, and inadvertently end up doing all the crimes they were trying to avoid commiting.

This webcomic contains examples of: