A collection of science fiction webcomics, written and drawn by "fluffy," as part of [[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/ Busybee Comics]]. Refers to both [[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/cat-unity.php the original long-form story]], the main setting, and the universe it is a part of. Warning: The archive is a bit confusing to navigate; it's best to just [[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/20070211_w.php start at the beginning]] and keep on reading.

!!Tropes include:
* {{Asexuality}}: Juni, the main character, although it does form romantic attachments
* BrainUploading: [[spoiler:Juni, whose neural patterns were uploaded for a simulation which eventually turned into an AI which took over the ship]]
* FurriesAreEasierToDraw: Humans do appear later on in [[spoiler:flashbacks and hallucinations]], though.
* GenerationShip: Unity itself
* HumanResources and IAmAHumanitarian: [[spoiler:As eventually discovered in the "Meat" arc.]]
* MyHeroZero: The eventual name of a semi-artificial consciousness that seems to be running things
* {{Precursor}}: Humanity
* RagnarokProofing: Unity has been underway for a ''long'' time. [[spoiler:It's only falling apart after over 21 million years]].
* SeriesHiatus: A couple of rather large temporal gaps in the archive
* TertiarySexualCharacteristics: Sasha, who wears a ribbon on one of her antennae [[spoiler:to emphasize her female gender identity]]
* {{Transsexual}}: Several characters show atypical gender identities, most notably Juni (although Zero later retroactively refers to it/herself and Juni as female), and Juni's love interests, notably [[spoiler:Sam Roarke]] and [[spoiler:Tanya Harris]]. In other arcs, [[spoiler:Alda Henning]], Min, and several unnamed background characters all show atypical gender identities.
* TrulySingleParent: Hira, not to mention most future Melroses (although [[spoiler:not Ivo]]).
* TheUnintelligible: [[spoiler:Kandra]] Corentin, who speaks entirely in honks (although the other characters try their best to understand him anyway); lampshaded (and called out in the title) in [[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/unity-the_unintelligible.php this strip]].
* VictoryGuidedAmnesia: Juni (AlwaysNeedWhatYouGaveUp)
* ZeroGSpot: Sam and Juni, sitting in an observation pod...
* WhichMe: Zero, be it in [[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/unity-multiplicity.php discussing the past with Tamu]] or [[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/meat-18_mao_rou.php communicating with its other selves]].
* UniversalUniverseTime: Averted; all timekeeping is based on local intervals [[spoiler:(even when [[http://beesbuzz.biz/d/unity-the_beginning.php broadcasting to the rest of the universe]])]].