[[caption-width-right:300:Let the Madcap Mediocre Madness Begin!]]
A relatively new (and by that we mean just a few strips in but more to come) SpriteComic by Tropers/{{Mogo}} that follows the adventures of Iceman, the gang's OnlySaneMan and DeadpanSnarker, Guile, an insensitive JerkAss and Big the cat, a CloudCuckooLander with a bottomless appetite

Also along for the ride are Amy Gerlande, a professional snowboarder and Icemans love interest, Bass, Roll's soon to be ex-boyfriend who she cheated on Iceman with but is still particularly nice, Chet, the gang's next door neighbor and Guile's archenemy and Bonkers, a gruff yet lovable fellow who runs the local [=McDonald's=].

This series has now been cancelled but now has a spiritual successor from the same author, with almost three times as many strips already, ''Webcomic/MastersOfNone''

Can be found [[http://tipoftheiceberg.yolasite.com/ Right Here]].

Tip of the Iceberg contains examples of:

* CloudCuckooLander: Big, to the point where he has an army of floating monkeys. Really.
* JerkAss: Guile
* OnlySaneMan: Iceman
* ShoutOut: Several, to everything from ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'' to ''WesternAnimation/Sealab2021''
* SitcomArchNemesis: Chet