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Webcomic: Tip Of The Iceberg
Let the Madcap Mediocre Madness Begin!

A relitevly new(and by that we mean just a few strips in but more to come) sprite comic by [[Mogo]] that follows the adventures of Iceman, the gangs Only Sane Man and Deadpan Snarker, Guile an insensitive Jerk Ass and Big the cat, a Cloud Cuckoo Lander with a bottomless appetitte

Also along for the ride are Amy Gerlande, a profesinal snowboarde and Icemans love intrest, Bass, roll's soon to be ex-boyfriend who she cheated on iceman with but is still patricuarly nice, Chet the gangs next door neighbor and Guiles archenemy and Bonkers, a gruff yet loveable fellow who runs the local McDonald's.

This series has now been cancelled but now has a spritual succesor from the same offer, with almost 3 times as many strips already. Masters Of None

Can be found Right Here.

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