Webcomic / Tip Of The Iceberg

Let the Madcap Mediocre Madness Begin!
A relatively new (and by that we mean just a few strips in but more to come) Sprite Comic by Mogo that follows the adventures of Iceman, the gang's Only Sane Man and Deadpan Snarker, Guile, an insensitive Jerk Ass and Big the cat, a Cloud Cuckoo Lander with a bottomless appetite

Also along for the ride are Amy Gerlande, a professional snowboarder and Icemans love interest, Bass, Roll's soon to be ex-boyfriend who she cheated on Iceman with but is still particularly nice, Chet, the gang's next door neighbor and Guile's archenemy and Bonkers, a gruff yet lovable fellow who runs the local McDonald's.

This series has now been cancelled but now has a spiritual successor from the same author, with almost three times as many strips already, Masters Of None

Can be found Right Here.

Tip of the Iceberg contains examples of: