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Webcomic: The Suburban Jungle
"Are you crazy? Is that your problem?"

The Suburban Jungle is a long-running furry slice-of-life webcomic by John 'The Gneech' Robey, centring around the life and career of Tiffany Tiger. Ended (rather than simply being abandoned) mid 2009.

When the story opens Tiff is an aspiring model who works crummy temp jobs to pay the rent. More recently she has found acting success in Kitten Kaboodle: Space Ranger and a role in upcoming film A Girl And Her Dog.

Early episodes involved Tiffany, her panda roommate Yin, Wensley the mouse and his brother Ramses (the angriest mouse in the world) and Leonard Lion, owner of a popular bar called "The Watering Hole". Later on the cast expanded, with several one-shot characters sticking around for the ride and other regulars including Tiffany's mother and siblings.

Some of the cast:

  • Conrad Tiger: Troubled, but Cute model, actor and Romantic False Lead who dated Tiffany for two years after they met at a shoot.
  • Dover Cheetah: A programmer so geeky his Speech Bubbles actually appear in code (though after he had been in the strip for a number of years he learned to talk normally). Pursued Tiffany romantically for some time before becoming involved with her sister Comfort, to whom he is now married. Being a cheetah, he types super-fast.
    • It's actually implied that it's not geekdom, but that he'd done so much programming (and presumably had so little contact with other people) that he'd literally lost the capacity to communicate the other way. Yeek. (Later explained more fully.)
  • Drezzer Wolf: Tiffany's agent and a kindly Magical Queer who dispenses life and relationship advice.
  • Leona Lion: Model and actress whose career has been overshadowed by Tiffany's. She has fewer scruples than her rival, making her the Evil Counterpart.
  • Leonard Lion: has had a secret crush on Tiffany for years, and has watched her date other guys, including Dover and Conrad, because he's too nice to interfere. Tiffany finally starts to return his feelings - just as he finally gets over her, leading to Unrequited Love Switcheroo. They got together in the end.
  • Yin: kooky Conspiracy Theorist whose notions turn out not to be so wild after all when she is abducted and taken to the Village.

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In 2014; a sequel comic,Suburban Jungle (Rough Housing), was started, starring Dover and Comfort's daughter, Charity Cheeger.

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