Quick - what do you get when you cross a high-fantasy pub with a slapstick sense of humor and Saturday-morning-cartoon visuals? You get a damn good time, which is one of the better descriptions of Craig Munro's "The Pig's Ear" you could come up with. The Pig's Ear is a webcomic about the hectic life and times of the staff and regulars at the titular pub. The main cast consists of Barkeep, a man of self-descriptive title, Gwen, the recently-hired barmaid, Angus, the dwarfish ex-adventurer chef, and Cyril, an alcoholic wizard who is the regular of regulars at the Ear. Other characters come and go as the joke requires; one of the main recurring side characters is an unnamed fellow of ill-defined but furry species who seems to have struck up some kind of rivalry with Cyril.

Craig rose to internet fame running the circuits of Website/DeviantArt's "Original Character Battle Tournaments". He started out slinging Cyril around like the hilariously destructive mass of GenreSavvy he is; later, he added a CloudCuckoolander robot named Murphy to his repertoire (Murphy is unrelated to ThePigsEar, though-time will tell what Craig plans do with him). The Pig's Ear went live in March of 2009, after which Craig has tried to maintain a once-weekly update schedule, posting a new comic every Thursday if all goes well.

The comic can be found [[http://www.pigsearonline.com/ here]].
'''This comic provides examples of:'''

* AllMenArePerverts: Cyril describes his crystal ball in grandiose fashion as an almighty tool of the arcane...then cops to using it to look at naked ladies.
* BadassNormal: Angus, despite having been retired as an adventurer for years, manages to put the kibosh on an invading force of otherworldly monsters with nothing but a potato peeler (that has dwarven runes).
* ButtMonkey: Everything happens to the barkeep.
* DeadpanSnarker: Sooner or later Cyril reduces everyone to this; Cyril himself snarks indiscriminately.
* EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep: I don't think I should really have to explain.
* HonestJohnsDealership: Lucky Bolivar's Discount Healing is implied to be this, but aside from trying to peddle some seriously weird replacements for a missing eye (and one throwaway gag), he's reasonably reliable as an actual healer.
* HourglassHottie: Gwen. Very Gwen.
* MaleGaze: Cyril agrees to give Gwen a probationary period before he decides if he likes having her around for two very specific reasons.
* OneOfUs: Craig. [[http://www.pigsearonline.com/2010/08/11/butt-monkey/ This strip]] is titled ButtMonkey, and advises the uneducated reader to this very wiki should they seek the answer to their question.
* OurDwarvesAreAllTheSame: Aside from being a chef, Angus fits the mold to a T; he even speaks with a Scottish FunetikAksent, a trait none of the other characters exhibit (and bear in mind that ''Craig himself'' is Scottish).
* [[OnlySixFaces Only]] [[strike:Six Faces]] [[OnlySixFaces One Expression]]: Cyril's nose is his only visible facial feature; thus, body language and what he's actually saying are the only indicators of his mood. Lampshaded twice; once with "The Many Expressions of Cyril T. Wizard", and once when Cyril is describing his reaction to the sudden appearance of a naked, drunken Gwen.
** The actual trope is averted, though; all the characters have very distinctive faces and silhouettes.
* ScheduleSlip: For the most part Craig does his best to avoid this-when he foresees a big dead zone ahead, he puts out a call for guest strips (as of this writing, he's just recently made his second such request).
* SquishyWizard: Played with. Cyril isn't much of a physical fighter; but on the other hand, his catchphrase is "Kung fu is for wimps."