Webcomic / The Greening Wars

Life As We Know it is Obsolete. The Greening invites you to join the future of life. For too long we have been a plague on this world. It is time to break free of the shell of humanity.
Greening recruitment pamphlet

The Greening Wars is webcomic on Drunk Duck that incorporates some Post Apocalyptic tropes along with with scifi, comedy and drama to produce a unique story. The comic begins with recap of World War III after the second page of the comic gives some quotes about the future of the planet from three well established individuals, after the WWIII summary we meet our first main character who happens to be a handicapped ex-military woman after that we get some main cast introductions and then get a quick look at an organization called "The Greening" who are basically run by a God Emperor playing Mad Scientist with the genetic structure of everything from humans to animals, and possibly plants.

The comic can be found here. It updates twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Tropes featured so far in The Greening War: