Webcomic / The Auragon Base

The Auragon Base is a sprite comic about Aura and her freinds as they go around having adventures in the multiverse. Deep, eh?

The Cast:
  • Aura: The author of the comic and the one in charge of the base.
  • Jason: Aura's friend and a guy who helps around the base.
  • Colby: A pink squirrel that was human, but after hitting Aura off screen, got punished by Bob and is now stuck as a pink squirrel.
  • Bob: A being who looks like a chao in sprite form, he is the guy in charge of Fate and Karma.
  • Zoras: Aura's twin brother and Demon Lord of Dimension 729, Zoras enjoys causing havoc, torturing intruders and Colby, and running things when Aura's away.
  • Fluffy:a rose squid monster thing owned by Aura. She likes eating those who tick off Aura, and playing pingpong with Macho.
  • Macho: Zoras' head minion, so far the only things seen of him is his large skeletal hand and his skull. Only Aura, Zoras and Colbyhave ever seen the full form.
  • Maggie: Aura's cousin.
  • Dixon: Another friend of Aura.
  • Axel: Originally a training hologram, Axel somehow became the real Axel and is now living at the base.
  • Luxord: Appeared the same time the Axel Program became the real Axel, Luxord is different from the real Luxord, since he talks like a mobster instead of with the card game metaphors he does in the games.
  • Jakle: Appeared the same time as Luxord. When Jakle appeared, the first thing he did was cause Luxord to wet himself, and then threw his foot at the freaked-out Luxord.

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This comic contains examples of these tropes: