''[[http://gynostar.com/ The Adventures of Gyno-Star]]'' is a superhero parody {{webcomic|s}} featuring a feminist protagonist whose tagline is "Fighting the forces of evil and male chauvinism."

Gyno-Star boasts super-strength, a [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/212/ "Gyno sense"]] which alerts her when women are being discriminated against, and the [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/90/ power to make men feel the pain of childbirth]].

!!''The Adventures of Gyno-Star'' contains examples of:

* AgonyBeam: The power to make men [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/comic/how-the-other-half-lives feel the pain of childbirth]].
* ArchEnemy: [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/1384/ Vlad Deferens]] and [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/24/ The Stay-at-Home Mommy]]
* BoomerangBigot: One misogynist female villain wants to turn all women on earth into brainless zombies.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: A shadowy conspiracy of [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/1356 corporate executives]] hire a [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/1364 subcontractor]] to "eliminate" Gyno-Star.
* CuteBruiser: Little Sappho -- her adorable appearance belies her [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/824/ unusual strength]].
* HypocriticalHumor: a very large amount of the comic's humor comes from hypocritical behavior by Gyno-Star or Little Sappho.
* KidSidekick: Little Sappho, Gyno-Star's teenage sidekick.
* PsychoSidekick: Little Sappho is a lot more of a [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/711/ political extremist]] than Gyno-Star, and is willing to do [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/688/ certain things]] that go against the main character's moral code.
* ShockCollar: Vlad Deferens puts a [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/comic/discriminatin-to-the-oldies shock collar]] on Gyno-Star in an attempt to make her [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/comic/this-one-goes-to-11 compliant and obedient]].
* StealthParody[=/=]PoesLaw: At first glance it looks like a legitimate "radfem" wish fulfilment/social justice webcomic.
* StrawCharacter: [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/426/ The Glibertarian]] is a straw Libertarian created in a laboratory to spread pro-corporate ideology.
* TheCape: Gyno-Star embodies the upright superhero who abides by a strict code and [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/619/ moral authority]] (although more often she [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/1589/ fails to live up]] to her own high standards).
* TrappedInTVLand: Gyno-Star gets trapped in the world of [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/60/ sexist beer commercials]].
* {{Unicorn}} and UnicornsAreSacred: Gyno-Star and Little Sappho discover that [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/805 unicorns are being slaughtered]] at a factory farm, so their horns can be ground up and used to make products for the [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/828 Apple corporation]].
* WhiteGuilt: The [[http://www.gynostar.com/archives/comic/in-my-own-particular-idiom White Knight]] harnesses his own white male guilt as a superpower.
* YourCostumeNeedsWork: Currently the page image. A fan mistakes Gyno-Star for an impersonator, then insults her when pointing out how she can't be the real Gyno-Star.