[[http://www.drunkduck.com/thaumaturge/ Thaumaturge]] is a WebComic inspired by Shounen manga. Taking place in a fantasy world in which there are 14 different elements, the story begins in the frontier town of Vagas. Despite working at her mother's inn and saloon, Wendy dreams of making her own way in life as a Sopher, a scholar dedicated to studying the elements. But things change once she meets a wandering stranger in the market. What happens next? Shoen, that's what.

The first page can be found [[http://www.mangamagazine.net/manga-and-comics/Thaumaturge/detail-page/813 here]].

!!Tropes found in this webcomic include:
* AltumVidetur: the protagonist's name is "I don't know my own name"!
* BigEater: Our protagonist, in ye typical manga style. Justifed by near starvation, so only time will tell if this a habit.
* ConservationOfNinjutsu: In the second chapter. After a quick fight, Kentucky's [[TheDragon Dragon]] revealed himself.
* ExactWords: Alive is not unharmed.
* FunctionalMagic: Thaumaturgy, as one might expect. Seems to be theurgy so far, but there hasn't really been enough to be sure. Seems to work by poker rules...
** Possibly more like (Elemental) Device Magic, with elements of Rule magic - The cards could be argued to be simple devices used in rituals.
* MindRape: An example of forbidden Psychosophy.
* PowerAtAPrice: None of the listed subtropes fit, but Thaumacard creation (and therefor purchase) is expensive!
* SueDonym: Only time will tell, but it's been theorized that [[MeaningfulName Nomen Nescio]] is pulling a Ulysses on us.
* TheGambler: Sophy uses cards to manipulate the elements, so every sopher has a trace of the gambler in their battle style.
* TheGogglesDoNothing
* ThisCannotBe: The first major fight is quickly ended from the unknown hero's skills, and the first villain says "Impossible" to pronounce his belief of the other's skills. Not a pure example, as the villain survives (So far).
* {{Whatevermancy}}: Averted. Magic uses "sophy" (phyrosophy, etc) instead.
* TheWildWest: Vagas is this, but themeparked and fantasy. If the giant cacti in the background didn't tip you off, but the fact that pretty much everybody in town wears a cowboy hat probably will.