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Webcomic: Sword Of Heaven

In an Alternate Universe Earth, there are two types of men: those who seek and gain power, and those who get their asses kicked thanks to a lack thereof. Some speak of a mystical artifact called the Power Drive, which can supposedly grant incredible power to the one who holds it. Enter Hotaru Myoujou; renegade, Ronin, and total jerk. Loads of mindless violence and action abound as he searches for the Power Drive.

This is a webcomic created by troper Blackmoon. Operates on the principle of Rule of Cool, and frequently suffers from Schedule Slip. Especially after the project was abandoned.

This series provides examples of:

Super TempsDrunk DuckThe Symmetrical Breadpazoid
Super TempsWebsite/The DuckThe Symmetrical Breadpazoid
Sweet BeatUnclassified WebcomicsTailsteak
Heavenly Guardian CelesteTroper WorksLevel 30 Psychiatry

alternative title(s): Sword Of Heaven
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