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Webcomic: Stickman and Cube
Stickman and Cube is a Stick Figure Comic by Pieguy259. It's a gag strip with not much in the way of a plot, though small storylines do crop up here and there.

The plot, where it exists, involve the two title characters, who are, surprisingly, a stickman and a cube, breaking the fourth wall, running amok, insulting the author and occasionally doing battle with the two main villains: Robo-Cube, Cube's psychotic robot duplicate intent on destroying humanity, and The Hat, an ugly parasitic hat which can control its wearer's mind.

This comic provides examples of:

Sordid Details FollowingDrunk DuckStrawberry Death Cake
Exactly What It Says on the TinStick Figure ComicThe Symmetrical Breadpazoid
Sordid Details FollowingWebsite/The DuckThe Stormrunners
Statistical FactGag-per-Day WebcomicsStrange Fiction

alternative title(s): Stickman And Cube
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