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[[caption-width-right:250:[-Never send a man to do a girl's job... unless you change him into a girl first.-] ]]

->''"Repeat after me: Despite what magical girl anime has taught me, the monster does not go down with the first strike."''
-->-- '''Hermod, Messenger of the Gods'''

''[[http://www.sgvy.com/ Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki]]'' is a [[TransformationComic transformation webcomic]] by Kittyhawk, and is a shameless parody of the MagicalGirl genre - namely, the main character has been hit with a GenderBender and now must fight evil with a [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything phallic-shaped smiting hammer]] in the hopes of [[FirstLawOfGenderBending getting his manhood back]].

Updates infrequently, but provides a whole 'episode' with each update. [[TheMerch Updates news about convention tours and merchandise far more frequently, if you're interested!]] (Although Kittyhawk has also started to do semi-regular sketch parties, so there's that.)

Kittyhawk attributes her art style from Japanese mangaka group CLAMP and American cartoonist like Tex Avery.

This ain't no ''Franchise/SailorMoon'' that's for sure.

Now has a [[Characters/SparklingGenerationValkyrieYuuki Character Page]] in much need of help. Please make sure to add character tropes there instead.
!!The comic provides examples of the following tropes:
* AccidentalPervert: And [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue4/Page2.html if you believe that...]]
* ADateWithRosiePalms: Yuuki [[http://sgvy.com/archives/Edda1/Issue5/Page3.html "test drives" his/her new body]] pretty early on.
* AllThereInTheManual: Otsana and Shebi's [[http://sketchbook.montroseacademy.com/sketches/20080309_learn.png introduction]].
* AndYourRewardIsClothes: [[spoiler: After knocking out (and stripping) Otsana, Yuuki's costume grows armbands]].
* {{Animesque}}: The comic looks surprisingly much like one that actually ''came'' from Japan and even has a typical Manga-feeling to it, despite being a parody. Given that parodies and deconstructions of genres are actually everything but rare in the modern Japanese Manga industry, [[GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff this comic might actually fare rather well if it was published in Japan...]]
* ArtEvolution: In [[http://sketchbook.montroseacademy.com/sketches/20100726_jumping.jpg 8 years]], Kitty Hawk's art style has improved, while Yuuki improved in... [[MostCommonSuperpower other areas]]...
%%* AttractiveBentGender
* AWizardDidIt: Lampshaded
-->'''Yuuki:''': Wait, did I just accept "Magic" as an answer?
-->'''Chiaki''': Got a better one?
-->'''Yuuki:''': No...
* BadVibrations: [[http://sgvy.com/archives/Edda1/Issue2/Page1.html "Note to self: Jiggle = bad stuff"]]
* BattleInterruptingShout: [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda12/Issue6/Page5.html Right here]].
* {{Bifauxnen}}: Averted. Yuuki tried to achieve this effect [[{{Sarashi}} by binding his breasts and wearing a boy's uniform.]] It didn't work due to his MostCommonSuperpower
* BigBad: Surt
* BigNo: When Yuuki discovers he's now a woman full-time.
* BilingualBonus: For one thing, those runes on Yuuki's belt? That's a contraceptive spell. Never mentioned or used in the comic. [[WordofGod Word of God]] is this was unintentional but funny - the runes were supposed to signify things about Yuuki corresponding to their associated meanings.
* BlackComedyRape: Ah Freya. Ripping off Yuki's clothing and putting a finger up his/"her" skirt.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Loki does this once- "Excuse me, but for the sake of the viewers, can we make this battle not last 50 billion pages like the wolves battle?"
* BuffySpeak: On a scale of one to bad... [[SuperPoweredEvilSide that's]] pretty fucked up.
* ButchLesbian: Otsana especially the part where she almost kissed Shebi
* ClothingDamage:
** Loki's preferred attack.
** Also happens during Yuuki's battle with Freya in [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda9/Issue6/Page1.html this strip]], leading to a bit of [[BlackComedyRape unwanted contact]] from [[DepravedBisexual Freya]], and again much later to Otsana after Yuuki (who is possibly NotHimself at the time) makes the ribbons on his uniform ensnare her and start absorbing her [[{{FurBikini}} "armor"]].
* DeadpanSnarker: Hermod.
* DestructoNookie: Two frost giants fall to the ground with amorous intentions. Cut to a nearby location where someone is screaming "Earthquake!"
* DeusExMachina: The "I Can't Go To School Looking Like A Girl!" problem is solved by one. It is then [[http://sgvy.com/archives/Edda2/Issue8/Page4.html lamp]][[http://sgvy.com/archives/Edda2/Issue8/Page5.html shaded]] by Hermod.
** Events in Edda 13 suggest that [[spoiler: this may be a very literal example, seeing that one of the students there is reporting directly to Loki about Yuuki.]]
* DirtyOldMan: Loki, a pervert and one of oldest beings in existence, probably qualifies.
* DisappearedDad: Yuuki, whose father is constantly away on business
* TheDitz: Chiaki.
* DropTheHammer: Yuuki's weapon. Thor is trying to teach him to use it properly. Otsana uses a club, which is sorta related.
* DynamicEntry: [[http://montrose.is/sgvy/archives/Edda8/Issue8/Page2.html Freya and HOW.]]
* ETGaveUsWiFi: Okay, not exactly aliens, but Hermod ''did'' inspire people to develop better ways of communication, due to being tired from having to run around delivering messages all the time.
* EyelidPullTaunt: Done by Hermod in [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue2/Page4.html this page]]
* FanGirl, FanBoy: Chiaki and Yuuki for magical girls, though Yuuki might be a male FanGirl.
* {{Fanservice}}: Looooooooaaaaaads of it. Hell, it'd be easier to list what ''isn't'' Fanservice. A quick look through indicates a ratio of around three fanservicey pages to one non-fanservicey page.
* FirstLawOfGenderBending: When Hermod tells Yuuki he can't undo the gender bending.
* FrillyUpgrade:
** [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda6/Issue1/Page5.html lampshaded]]. This is possibly a reference/in-joke to the fact that Fenris was contained, not by chains (he broke them all), but by a magic ribbon. Therefore, mythology in-joke.
** Foreshadowing: [[spoiler: Yuuki's rather squick-y costume manipulation involving his ribbon]].
* FunSize: The giant bull that Yuuki fights in the beginning. Is now a cute little critter, barely bigger than a house cat.
* FunTShirt: Guess which norse god is depicted at one point with a t-shirt saying "Lightning, Fuck yeah!"?
%%* FurBikini
* GenderBender: One of the main character's primary motivations is reversing the effect of this.
* GenderBlenderName: Yuuki (Courage), while a male name, is very similar to the feminine Yuki (Hope or snow, [[UsefulNotes/JapaneseLanguage depending on the characters]]).
* GenericDoomsdayVillain: ironically averted with Surtur, who was this in the original mythology; this version of the character does have a reason (if a silly one) to hate the Aesir and try to kill them.
%%* GiantWaistRibbon
* GodivaHair: [[http://sketchbook.montroseacademy.com/sketches/20120403_nashi01.jpg In a sketch.]]
* GrandTheftMe: [[spoiler:In Edda 8, it is revealed that the nerd from Yuuki's new school who's interested in her/him has been possessed by the Frost Giant Hyrm.]]
* GroinAttack: A particularly ''vicous'' example is used on the Auroch.
--> '''Yuuki''': I don't even ''have'' those right now, and I felt that!
* HappyHolidaysDress: Yuuki and Chaiki wear them as part of a seasonal job in [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Holiday/Issue3/Page1.html this mini arc]].
* HardDrinkingPartyGirl: Otsana and Shebi
* HiddenBuxom: Yuuki tries to invoke this, only to realize that tightening one's bindings that much tends to prevent one from inhaling.
* {{Hikikomori}}: The man who Otsana and Shebi forced to house them seems to be one of these.
* HowDoIShotWeb: Yuuki zapping Hermod in the fight with the auroch. He did deserve that though, for not telling.
* HumanShield: [[spoiler:[[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda12/Issue1/Page4.html Yuuki used Otsana as a shield when Shebi attacked Yuuki]]]]
* HypocriticalHumor: Upon learning that it was a guy who played the "Sparkling Generation Valkyrie" DVD, Hermod calls Yuuki a pervert. But Hermod designed the DVD case, which ''[[http://montrose.is/sgvy/archives/Edda1/Issue1/Page1.html advertises the panty shots]]''...
%%* IWouldSayIfICouldSay
* IfYouEverDoAnythingToHurtHer: Thor becomes very protective of Chiaki. When Yuuki [[StoodUp forgot about their date]], let's just say the God of Thunder got kinda angry, the "going-to-hammer-your-face-for-hurting-her-feelings" angry.
* KidWithTheLeash: Subverted - it may look like this to a ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'' reader because Loki can only manifest through a stuffed kitty that Yuuki owns, but Yuuki doesn't really have any control over him.
* KillerRabbit: A facet of the above - the doll may seem harmless, but it's still Loki...
* TheLadette: Otsana, Otsana, Otsana.
* LeParkour: Chiaki briefly demonstrates it when she runs toward Yuuki and clears a fence without slowing down.
* LovableSexManiac: Loki, to some degree.
* MagicalGirl, of the MagicalGirlWarrior variety: Yuuki
* MaleGaze: Lampshaded in a strip where Otsana is wearing only a large t-shirt while ordering around their "host", all the frames from his perspective go up to her shoulders.
* ManIFeelLikeAWoman: See the image on the trope's page. [[ADateWithRosiePalms Later taken to extremes]].
%%* MiniDressOfPower
* MisterSeahorse: In a nod to the original legends, Slepnir always calls Loki 'Mommy', much to the {{Trickster}} God's embarrassment.
* MissingMom: Yuuki never knew his/"her" mother
* MostCommonSuperPower: Virtually mandatory for a MagicalGirl, much to Yuuki's embarassment. And since Kittyhawk draws a lot of fanservice one-offs, it's abundantly clear that Yuuki's breasts are just... plain... enormous. [[Webcomic/WapsiSquare Monica]] enormous. ComicBook/PowerGirl enormous.
** Heck, as of [[http://sgvy.com/archives/Edda12/Issue1/Page3.html Edda 12]], Yuuki may have surpassed both of them.
** [[http://montrose.is/sketches/20130408_01rorschach89_xxx.png This picture of Yuuki in the classic Marilyn Monroe pose (NSFW)]] would seem to indicate a cup size in the (unnaturally perky) G to H range.
** As of [[http://montrose.is/sgvy/archives/Edda14/Issue3/Page3.html Edda 14]], it's established that any Valkyrie, whether they are the current holder of the [[AncientArtifact Jewel Hnoss]] or not get a cupsize and general body shape upgrade together with their armour and individual weapon.
* NakedApron: A variant -- a leather blacksmith/engineering apron (instead of a frilly cooking apron). Used in the [[http://www.sgvy.com/store.html store]] to advertise the new DIY USB archives.
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Yuuki attempts to defeat Otsana by using his magic ribbons to [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue6/Page3.html snare her club]] and fling her. [[CurbStompBattle Unfortunately]], [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue6/Page4.html it]] [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue7/Page1.html fails]] [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue7/Page2.html spectacularly]]. '''''[[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue7/Page3.html Ouch]]'''''.
* NoHoldsBarredBeatdown: [[spoiler:Yuuki turning the attack around on Otsana, then flinging her naked and powerless at Shebi's onslaught of magic missiles.]]
* NoodleIncident: [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda5/Issue4/Page3.html This.]]
* TheNudifier: [[spoiler: It seems that a Valkyrie's power and her costume are one and the same.]]
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Inverted, in a way. Yuuki in-narrative is never quite comfortable with his/her gender change. However, Kittyhawk has also talked about "Promo Yuuki", the side of Yuuki that appears in pictures and promotional materials; '''''she''''' is a proud booth babe with little to NoNudityTaboo, who embraces her role as MsFanservice. (And is apparently a bit of a diva, if OOC Shebi and Otsana are to be believed.)
* OnAScaleFromOneToTen: Thor rates a bad situation in an unusual way.
-->On a scale of one to bad, this is pretty fucked up.
* PaletteSwap: The two ex-Valkyries in the "Love and War" sidestory are Yuuki and Chiaki with different clothes and, in the case of Yuuki, red hair.
* PantyShot: Yuuki, who knows it's inevitable because he's become a magical girl but isn't terribly happy about it.
* ParentalAbandonment: Yuuki, in the classic anime/manga tradition of totally unsupervised adolescence.
* {{Pixellation}}: The latest comics have been using this for Otsana. However this Trope is [[AvertedTrope averted]] at the same time as there is an option available to get rid of it.
* PrettyFreeloader: Parodied in filler comics starring Otsana and Shebi. Also provides the page image.
* PublicDomainCharacter: When the Myth/{{Norse|Mythology}} gods and their animal friends show up, so does this trope.
* RedEyesTakeWarning: Yuuki does this in the chapter ''Game Changer'' in a way reminiscent of a SplitPersonalityTakeover. Or indeed in a way reminiscent to Freya's eyes when she was trying to kill Yuuki directly.
* RunningGag: The Otaku in the Christmas specials.
* SacredFirstKiss: "My first kiss was a guy in a stuffed animal body!!"
* SacredHospitality for PrettyFreeloaders: Thor, Hermod, and Loki moving into Yuuki's house. And valkyries Otsana and Shebi who barge into some random Japanese guy's apartment. In both cases, the host refuses until the requests are backed up with sheer terror.
* SchoolgirlLesbians: Chiaki, at least until proven otherwise.
** More likely she has SingleTargetSexuality towards Yuuki, regardless of his/her gender.
* SexyDiscretionShot: averted in rather brutal fashion when Yuuki tears Otsana's (already minimal) costume off.
* ShareTheMalePain: [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda1/Issue4/Page2.html Ouch.]]
* ShoutOut: Keep an eye out for anime characters in the background. For examble, within three consequtive pages, we have [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Kam]][[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda9/Issue5/Page1.html ina]] on a poster, and [[Manga/AzumangaDaioh Tomo and]] [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda9/Issue5/Page3.html Osaka]].
** And naturally, there are plenty [[ReferencedBy/NorseMythology to Norse Mythology]].
** At one point, Yuuki says "[[Webcomic/MegaTokyo fsck]]" instead of fuck.
** Edda 12 is entitled "Ladyflash" which is the name of a song by The Go Team.
* ShipTease: '''[[LoveDodecahedron Everyone.]]'''
** EveryoneIsBi: The rational result.
* SkinshipGrope: The entirety of the appropriately-named chapter "Rub-a-Dub-Dub"
* SleepModeSize: the Auroch turns into a doll-sized calf when it isn't rampaging.
* StandardFemaleGrabArea: [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Holiday/Issue5/Page7.html No Transformation for you!]] [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Holiday/Issue5/Page8.html Until...]]
* StealthMentor: [[spoiler: Odin, who sent the Auroch, Slepnir, and his ravens after her as tests]]
* {{Stripperiffic}}: Freya. Every valkyrie frankly. Shebi in particular seems to have taken the Chun-Li skirt to a new level.
* SuperGenderBender: The entire premise. Also provides the page image.
* SuppressedMammaries: Defied--Yuuki tries this, and can't breathe as a result.
* TakeAThirdOption: Parodied. When Chiaki first runs into [[spoiler: Thor]], [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda5/Issue6/Page3.html this happens.]] [[LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Chiaki herself on the very next page.
--> '''Chiaki''': Ice cream sundae? How'd that get in there?
** [[BrickJoke And in the next chapter]], [[http://montrose.is/sgvy/archives/Edda6/Issue1/Page5.html they did indeed go get ice cream sundaes.]]
* TeamPet:
** Hermod, also a TalkingAnimal.
** Auroch, or Myu-Myu Chan.
* ThanksForTheMammary: [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda11/Issue4/Page2.html They might not be cantaloupe]], but they certainly found [[IncrediblyLamePun some melons...]]
* TrainingFromHell: Thor subjects Yuuki to this.
* TransformationSequence: Also inevitable. And [[{{Fanservice}} Fanservice-y]]. Eventually things calm down. After the first few transformations, [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda4/Issue3/Page1.html the fanfare subsides.]] Temporarily.
* TheUnintelligible: Myu-Myu-chan can only say "Myu", but the Norse gods are perfectly able to understand what he's saying. The humans in the cast, though, have absolutely no idea.
* UnsoundEffect: [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda5/Issue7/Page1.html Non-squish, non-squish]] and many others.
* UnstoppableRage: Freya, to the point that the gods decide to hide Yuuki for a few weeks and train him to a level Freya finds acceptable rather than face her head-on.
* VictorGainsLosersPowers: Yuuki is able to steal power [[spoiler:[[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda12/Issue1/Page1.html from]] [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda12/Issue1/Page3.html Otsana]] [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda12/Issue4/Page1.html and]] [[http://www.sgvy.com/archives/Edda12/Issue4/Page2.html Shebi]]]]
* WeakButSkilled: Yuuki continually impresses Thor and Hermod by [[InstantExpert quickly mastering abilities]] other Valkries never even knew they had, but since everyone else [[PronounTrouble s/he]] fights is either a legendary hero, a mythological monster, part-god, or some combination thereof, s/he's always outclassed in terms of strength. Lampshaded by Yuuki. "Why is everybody I meet stronger than me!?" indeed.
* WeirdnessCensor: Mundanes seeing valkyries fighting tend to look for the camera crew, expecting that someone is making a film.
* WhamEpisode: Quite a few.
** Yuuki cannot stop being a valkyrie without dying.
** Not even [[spoiler:Odin]] can revert Yuuki to male.
** Taki, the one person who might be able to make Yuuki comfortable with the gender switch, [[spoiler:turns out to be Hrym, the Frost Giant -- a mortal enemy of the Aesir, and somehow able to keep Hermod from warning anyone. The real Taki may be dead, or at least has never been involved in any of this.]]
* WordSaladTitle: Parodying the use of this trope in anime, of course.
* WrongGenreSavvy:
** Yuuki, on occasion thinks s/he is in a MagicalGirl work.
** Poor Haruki even more so. He thinks he's fallen into a ''harem anime''.