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Webcomic: Sonichu
aka: Soni Chu

"Go! Sonichu! Go out and zap to the extreme!"
Sonichu #0

Sonichu is a fan webcomic created by Christian Chandler, starring (at least initially) the eponymous Electric Hedgehog Pokémon and his friends.

Sonichu started as some sort of Pokémon/Sonic the Hedgehog crossover world, and the first few issues focus on Sonichu's origin, his meeting with his "heartsweet" Rosechu (based heavily on Amy Rose), and a supporting cast of other Hedgehog Pokémon of various types. But in issue #2 and from issues #4-7, the series crystallizes into its present form, as Chris-Chan takes center stage, standing his ground against, among others, evil mall cops, a malevolent witch, and internet trolls.

We get too much negativity and edit warring for this work, so it is locked.

Tropes present in Sonichu:

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alternative title(s): Sonichu
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