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Webcomic: Shades Of Gray
Shades Of Gray is a web comic with no connection to either the novel or the anime/manga blog with the same name.

The web comic was started on 20 August 2006 and is updated "As often as I can manage it. I try to shoot for once a week, usually on Friday, but itís not really set in stone" (from the site FAQ).

The story follows the progress of the main protagonist, "Ten" as he strives to overcome a genetic disability and become a space fighter pilot. Besides this complication, there are two mysterious shadow-creatures spying on him for some reason, his crew partner is a cranky, antisocial woman and he's not supposed to have a pet in his room in the military training academy space station.

Ten is a fairly typical teenager (equivalent human age). He gets up to the kind of mischief you'd expect of a human college student, except Ten is a bit less careless and far more considerate of other people's feelings.

The site name is the name of Ten's home planet. This is for two reasons. Firstly the name Shades Of Gray is already taken, secondly the author intends to write other stories set in the same fictional universe and wants to present them on the same site.
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