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[[caption-width-right:320:The adventure comic strip is back!... With a twist!]]

''Rip Haywire'' is an AffectionateParody of old school Adventure comic strips created by Dan Thompson. Originally published online by Viper Comics, it has since entered the newspaper syndication sector.

Rip is a self-styled soldier of fortune who travels around the world battling assorted villains. Joining Rip are his talking collie, TNT, his ex-girlfriend Cobra and a TagalongKid named R.J.

It can be found [[http://www.gocomics.com/riphaywire at GoComics]].


%%* ActionHero
* AlliterativeName: Cobra Carson.
* ArtEvolution:
** When the comic first started, the artwork was even more stylized, even though it almost remained the same. Rip's LanternJawOfJustice noticeably changed in later strips, plus TNT's appearance changes from time to time (especially the fact he originally had black ears). The strip was also originally just a three-panel strip, but has expanded to four panels by the end of its first year.
** Also, compare the current syndicated strip to [[http://funnycartoonist.com/20070311.gif the early Viper Comics version]].
%%* AwesomeMcCoolname
%%* BadassGrandpa: Rip's father Dutch.
%%* BoldInflation
* BettyAndVeronica: Breezy (a redhead) made her debut in recent strips as the Betty to Cobra's Veronica for Rip's Archie.
* BlondeBrunetteRedhead: Rip's in-comic love interests: Vetenarian Fawn Forrester (blonde), mercenary Cobra Carson (brunette) and helicopter pilot Breezy Easy (redhead).
* BreakingTheFourthWall: When [[spoiler:Breezy reveals she and Rip got married in Vegas]], Rip winks at the reader as he says they did it on a Sunday - where the audience wouldn't have seen it, since Sundays were running pages from the "Curse of Tangaroa" graphic novel.
* BullyingADragon: Ranch foreman Rodeo Jones picking a fight with Rip, in order to impress Cobra. [[http://www.gocomics.com/riphaywire/2014/03/28 He broke his hand on Rip's jaw.]]
* CaptainObvious: Parodied; a temporary character says such things as "Sharks!" "It blew up!" and "Why do I keep on shouting the Obvious!"
%%* CasualDangerDialog
* CatchPhrase:
** "Sweet Molly [=McX=] Y!" and [[MadLibsCatchphrase any variant of this]] (alliteration sometimes included).
** "The name's Haywire."
* CelibateHero: Rip swears off love after seeing a bad breakup reduce a fellow mercenary to a shell of his former self. His subsequent suppression of his feelings for [[spoiler:Breezy]] nearly gets them both killed.
* CheatedAngle: Cobra's black hair is nearly always behind her head, no matter the angle, effectively framing it.
* ChronicBackstabbingDisorder: Another of the strip's running gags is the number of times Cobra betrays Rip to chase treasure.
%%* CliffHanger: Certain strips end this way. Then again, this is a serial comic strip.
* ComicBookAdaptation: ''Rip Haywire and the Curse of Tangaroa'', which is actually a graphic novel.
%%* CoolOldGuy: Both Dutch and Mac Cactus.
* CorruptCorporateExecutive: Dr. Pain, the leader of evil terrorist group [[FunWithAcronyms SKULL]], who then turns out to be [[spoiler:Rip's mother]].
* CowardlySidekick: TNT, who is near-constant panic mode, but despite being an abject coward, he's always by Rip's side. However, he's more HotBlooded in the original webcomics.
%%* CulturedWarrior: Rip Haywire overlaps this with CulturedBadass.
* DatingCatwoman: Rip's a do-gooder adventurer, Cobra's an avaricious career criminal with no plans on going straight.
%%* DeadpanSnarker: TNT has his moments.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: In the (now out-of-print) 2007 Viper Comics online version as well as the first submission for syndication, the comics are more different than what they are today. Rip was originally a cargo pilot who looks more like ComicStrip/SteveCanyon but with a big, bulbous nose, while TNT was initially a hot-blooded wolf dog with a NoIndoorVoice (but was later changed into a wimpy Pomeranian and then a parrot) and Cobra was originally called "Reno". Also, the art in this version looks a little more abstract.
%%* EvilMatriarch / NeverMessWithGranny: [[spoiler:Dr. Pain]]
* EyesAlwaysShut: Rip, most of the time.
%%* FacePalm: A lot of them.
%%* GentlemanAdventurer: Rip.
%%* HappilyAdopted: R.J.
* HoldYourHippogriffs: R.J. or TNT saying "Holy [[labelnote:cats!]]cow/crap![[/labelnote]]" in a few instances.
%%* HotBlooded: TNT in the original webcomics.
* IdiotHero: Rip isn't actually stupid, but his adrenaline junkie nature often overrides everything else.
%%* InHarmsWay:
%%** Rip himself.
%%** Cobra too, but she prefers to do it for the rewards instead of the justice.
%%* {{Jerkass}}: Cobra. However, she has a [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold soft side]].
* LanternJawOfJustice: Rip. [[WordOfGod Dan Thompson]] said this is a ShoutOut to ComicStrip/DickTracy.
* LastNameBasis: Most villains often refer to Rip by his last name. Everyone else just calls him "Rip".
* LoveMakesYouStupid: Rodeo constantly picking fights with Rip to try and impress Cobra, despite nearly always ending up getting one-punched by Rip.
* LoveTriangle: Rip, Cobra and Breezy. [[spoiler:Rip and Breezy eventually get married.]]
%%* LukeIAmYourFather: [[spoiler:Dr. Pain, to Rip.]]
* MadLibsCatchphrase: "Sweet [Name] (Mc)_____!" and "Zip it, [nickname]!"
* MeaningfulName: Cobra, whose venomous personality and snake-like haircut live up to her name.
* MegatonPunch:
** Rip's trademark attack.
** Cobra also gets her kicks, especially towards Rip.
%%* MonsterOfTheWeek: Several of them.
* NebulousEvilOrganisation: SKULL. Also an example of NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast.
* NervousWreck: TNT became this in the newspaper version.
* TheNicknamer: Some of the characters, including Rip himself.
* NoIndoorVoice: TNT was rather loud-mouthed in the original webcomics.
* NoNameGiven: R.J. started out this way, before he was adopted by Rip and Cobra.
* NonStandardCharacterDesign: TNT in particular looks more visually cartoony than the realistically designed characters. It should be noted that his design was derived from Dan Thompsonís natural art style. Plus, there are some others who may come across as {{Gonk}}s in their design.
* NoodleIncident: "[[http://www.gocomics.com/riphaywire/2014/07/21 The last time I played matchmaker]] was in mercenary school. It nearly collapsed a foreign government."
%%* OnlyKnownByInitials: R.J. (Rip Jr.)
* ParentalAbandonment: Rip, initially, before he found his mother [[spoiler:Dr. Pain]] and later his father Dutch.
%%* ThePatriarch: Dutch
* PersonAsVerb: Rip sometimes uses his own last (or full) name this way, usually during some combat scenes.
%%* PopCulturedBadass: Rip, to a lesser extent.
%%* ProductPlacement: In dialogue, almost.
%%* ReasonableAuthorityFigure: Mac Cactus
%%* ReferenceOverdosed
* RelationshipUpgrade: At first, Rip and Cobra have a tremendous love/hate relationship. But three years later, they eventually get married, despite continuing to bicker sometimes.
* {{Retraux}}: Looks like it was drawn around the 1940s-1960s.
* RunningGag:
** A character (especially Rip) calling another character a pop culture character/mascot/celebrity name, doubling as TheNicknamer.
** Cobra betraying Rip for the money.
* SharePhrase: "Zip it, (insert nickname here)", even though it's more of a BorrowedCatchphrase. Also, "Talk!" when confronting someone else, usually an enemy.
* TheSheriff: Mac Cactus becomes one later in the strip.
%%* ShoutOut: A lot of them.
* SignatureMove: Rip's MegatonPunch.
* SnarkyNonHumanSidekick: TNT, though he falls more into CowardlySidekick territory.
%%* SoftGlass
%%* {{Story Arc}}s: Several, to the point where it's almost a MythArc.
* TalkingAnimal: TNT again.
* TieInNovel: ''Rip Haywire and the Curse of Tangaroa'', actually a graphic novel.
%%* WalkingTheEarth
* UndercoverAsLovers: Rip and Breezy (and TNT) hide out in the suburbs as a newlywed couple. [[spoiler:We find out later they actually did get married.]]
* WrittenSoundEffect: Recent comics use "KA-FIST!", "KA-CRASHIES!", "KA-PUNCH!", "KA-FLARE!", "KA-CAR!", and stuff like that, especially with Rip's fist noises. Most of them are {{Unsound Effect}}s.