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Webcomic: Remus
In the near future, increasing political polarization drives one man to commit a suicide attack on the White House. This act sparks an escalating cycle of partisan violence, forcing the government to step in. In order to combat the rising tide of extremism, the government repeals the bill of rights, declares martial law, and hugely expands the power of the CIA to deal with perceived threats to American security.

17 years after the end of the war, an arms dealer named Ryan Davidson escapes CIA custody with a bullet in his back and collapses in a back alley. He wakes up to find that he's stumbled on the local headquarters of a growing Resistance movement that attempts to combat the government's slide away from democracy. With no other options, Ryan joins the group and takes his place on the front lines of the conflict. But the Resistance isn't all idealistic freedom fighters, and Ryan himself may be a little bit more than he appears...

Remus is a Speculative Fiction webcomic written and drawn by Kyle Jacobs. You can find it here. It is currently on hiatus.

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alternative title(s): Remus
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