Webcomic: Reds Planet

Red's Planet is a Science Fiction webcomic by Eddie Pittman. In the format of a Graphic Novel, it is divided into chapters.

"Red" is a 10-year-old Foster Kid who begins the comic in the care of a Mrs. Foster. She insists that she is not an orphan, and therefore not in need of adoption. During a bout of childish runaway, Red is picked up by the local cops and set to be returned. However a spaceship suddenly flies overhead and beams up the police car with Red still in it. The ship takes off into space but crash lands on a supposedly desert planet. Red finds herself among other alien abductees plunked from there homes and, though off to a rough start, starts to befriend them in the hopes of surviving the planet and find out who abducted them and for what reason.

At the current, the series is on hiatus due to the artist personal life getting rather busy to work on it (he's an animator at Disney and works on Phineas and Ferb as a art designer).

Tropes included