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Webcomic: Picatrix
Winnie Foster's been having a bad day. First, she finds out that she's been passed up for a promotion at work - and then as she heads home, she realizes her car's been stolen.

While walking home, she decides to take a shortcut through the woods. Just when she thinks it can't get any worse, she suffers a fall and finds herself thrown into another world where demons and angels are a reality, and a troupe of magical girls is after her to join.

So what's she do? She runs away with the demon king after being offered to him as a sacrificial bride.

Can be found here.
Provides examples of:

Peach FuzzOEL MangaPowerpuff Girls Doujinshi
PibgornFantasy WebcomicsThe Pigs Ear

alternative title(s): Picatrix
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