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Webcomic: Particle Fiction

Particle Fiction is a monthly webcomic by writer/artist David Wynne in the tradition of 2000 AD (Sort of). It describes itself as 'a monthly comic book that just happens to be online' and is in some ways an attempt to bring a more traditional style of comic books to the webcomic medium.

Currently consists of
  • Volume One:
    • Issue #1 - Eye Of The Tiger
    • Issue #2 - Ideasman
    • Issue #3 - Scorched Earth
    • Issue #4 - Ideasman 2: The Mite of God
    • Issue #5 - The Complex
    • Issue #6 - Ideasman 3: Skeleton Vanguard
  • Volume Two:
    • Issue #7 - Ideasman 4: Personality Clash
    • Issue #8 - The Catch
    • Issue #9 - Scorched Earth 2
    • Issue #10 - Ideasman 5: Ideasman and the Cataclysmic Plot Device
    • Issue #11 - Hypergirl
    • Issue #12 -

After this, the plan is to transition to a fully Ideasman comic.

Particle Fiction provides examples of:

Issues of Particle Fiction provide examples of:

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