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Webcomic: Paranormal Mystery Squad
Katie, Charlotte and Stephanie

Paranormal Mystery Squad is a manga created by Adam Arnold with art by ComiPa (Vol 1), Ian Chang (Vol 2) and Micheal Shelfer (Vol 3) and licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment. It, and its sister manga, Vampire Cheerleaders, are hosted by Pixie Trix Comix.

The Paranormal Mystery Squad is a group of three young women who hunt ‘cryptids’, i.e. monsters.

The print (and e-book) versions of Volumes 1 & 2 are sold as the second half of the Vampire Cheerleaders books. Volume 3 marks the seemingly permanent merger with Vampire Cheerleaders opening with one big crossover.

Now has a character page.

Paranormal Mystery Squad provides the following tropes

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alternative title(s): Paranormal Mystery Squad
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