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Webcomic: POPSTAR 5
POPSTAR 5 is a Photocomic that takes place in an Alternate Universe version of the Kirby universe, in which Popstar is actually a star, and people live on the eight small, similarly-sized planets that orbit it, named Popstar 1-8. These eight planets are connected to eachother via blue police boxes that will teleport you to any of the eight planets you wish.

Three of the four main characters, Waddle Dee Williams, or "Wads", Kirby "Kirby" Kirby, and Jet "JK" Kirby all live on the fifth planet, Popstar 5, hence the title.

The fourth main character, Meta "Knight" Knight, is a clone of the original Meta Knight, and is one of the few of the millions of clones with any sentience. Knight lives with the rest of his clones in the "Meta Knight Army Base" in a pocket universe.

POPSTAR 5 updates Mondays and Fridays. It is written by Im a bell.

There's also a POPSTAR 5 Wiki, but it's barely developed.

This webcomic contains examples of:

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