Webcomic / Order Seven

Webcomic by Tropers/715 well the guy writing it. link here

The comic takes place in on a continent with the Schizo Tech/Steam Punk North a High Fantasy South and a Magitek middle.

Four Thousand years ago the Giants created six races: the Inuanidae, Humans, Automaton, Trolls, Cuthi, and a lost one that no one cares about. Eight hundred years later, Dragons showed up and ruined things for everyone. The Giants went into their last Tower, but in order to keep a watch on their creations they created the Order.

The comic is still new, only just finshing up the first chapter so it hasn't grown the beard yet. Right now it's going to be mostly about the Inuanidae-Troll war, with Captain Elen Starr and Automaton Captain Gerald T. One on one side and Colonel Hephaestus on the Troll side. Sometimes the POV goes to Empress Regnant Catherine, ruler of The Empire (which just happens to be part of the Northern Confederacy).

The title comes form one of the Order member... who wouldn't show up ever.

Tropes Order Seven uses: