Webcomic / Oceans In The Sky

A science fiction/comedy webcomic that has gone through two iterations.

The original was about two teenagers who came into possession of a space-sailing spaceship shaped like a sailboat. They also run into the ship's original owner, who seemed to have some secrets of his own. It went on hiatus in 2008.

New installments of the revamped comic began to be posted sporadically on the creator's Tumblr before becoming a recurring feature in the online anthology Premier Comics (formerly Premier Pulp) beginning in 2012. The revamped version of the comic the two main characters Felix and Lucy recast as treasure hunters on a strange alien planet inhabited only by monsters.

Archives of the original can be found here. The newer version can be found in the Premier Comics Anthology or on the artist's Tumblr

The original comic features examples of:

The more recent comic features examples of: