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Webcomic: Nobody Scores!
Nobody Scores! is, as the under title puts it, a little comic about inevitable disaster. Three roommates (and their downstairs neighbor) have "adventures" which frequently consist of at least one of them dying or being brutally injured in an extremely comic manner. Everything's back to the way it was in the next strip (unless it's a multi-parter).

The characters are:
  • Sara Peterson: the frequent straight person to Beans and Jane, Sara wants to be a Corrupt Corporate Executive.
  • Jane Doe: the funny sociopath of the group, she's often the instigator of their "wacky schemes."
  • Beans Mulroney: the resident angsty artist.
  • Raoul Walker: their downstairs neighbor and the true straight man. He's very smart and snarky. Also, "he hates you very much."

Other characters include:
  • Genghis Khan: works at as a copy editor in Sara's Office.
  • Skeleton Warrior: likes to shout "CREEEEEEE!" a lot.
  • Rafael: brings the fun.
  • Fucking Julie: is Sara's workplace rival.

This comic provides examples of:
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alternative title(s): Nobody Scores
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