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Webcomic: Night Of The Uprising

A co-operation between troper DOmen (story writer) and his fellow SpikeAlex (artist), Night Of The Uprising tells the story of Jake Vangram (pictured), a 17-years old commoner who lives peacefully in Seir, castle town of the Kingdom of Theral. That is, until the test of an experimental Magic Cannon built in the castle as a show of force to the rival Kingdom of Krestis goes horribly wrong and ends up destroying a large part of the town... Including Jake's house, killing both his parents and a significant chunk of the population.

His grief is soon turned into rage when noblewoman Agnes Renoir rallies the citizens and convinces them of their right to retaliate. She devises a plan involving Jake and mysterious wanderer Oliver in order to kill the King, who's responsible for the tragedy.

You can find it here. Note that we're currently redoing chapter 1. After that is done, chapter 4 (out of 8) will begin. Please support us and feel free to add entries to this page!

Not related in any way to this. In fact, we didn't know it existed until well after we chose the name.
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