Webcomic / Nerf NOW!!

Nerf NOW!! is a gaming webcomic by Jo Pereira. Originally centering on the RED and BLU Teams' endless battle in Team Fortress 2, it later branched out to story arcs taking place in Left 4 Dead, Starcraft, or one-shot comics based on other games. The latter is now the comic's primary focus, featuring metagaming issues from whatever game Jo thinks is most controversial at the time. What sets it apart from its rivals is its art, which is animesque, dangerously cute, and somewhat inappropriate for a scenario involving two factions trying to murder each other, as well as for the fact that the comic is quite capable of telling a story without any dialogue (though more recent arcs have been using more speech bubbles).

Recurring characters include the TF2 cast, expanded to include gender-swaps and chibi versions of several characters, the female BLU Engineer Engie-tan who plays and comments on games when off-the-clock and the Author Avatar, which takes the form of a purple tentacle. Be aware that the comic provides generous servings of fanservice occasionally, making it somewhat Not Safe for Work.

Tropes include:

Alternative Title(s): Nerf Now