Webcomic / Mystery Babylon

A thousand years ago, the apocalypse ended with Lucifer and all his demons bound into the Pit. The only survivor was Mystery Babylon, the last demon, prophesied to break the seal in a thousand years. But Babylon swore to her dying boyfriend that she would never break the seal—no matter how much she wanted to see all her old friends again.

One day, she comes across a priest who claims to have a map to the seal and is being attacked by a cult that worships Mystery Babylon. Babylon, also known as Kick Girl, kicks their asses and steals the map from the priest (since she kinda lost her old map, and forgot where the seal was). But then she realizes she needs the priest to interpret the map, and the adventure begins.

Mystery Babylon is the continuation of the author's Kick Girl comic book, taking place 1000 years after its end. Volumes of the comic are not available on the web, but the webcomic's FAQ says that the current story will stand on its on.

A webcomic updated every Monday, Mystery Babylon is hilarious, but with some darker elements threaded throughout. The first page is here, home page here. WARNING 

Tropes found in this webcomic:

Alternative Title(s): Kick Girl