''Molten Blade'' is a webcomic.'

They started out as [[OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent everyday, average teenagers]]. That changed quickly when something happened in the park on the way home. In less than a day, three students who hadn't even known each other before that point joined together out of necessity...because around the time the incident occurred, some men showed up with a rather keen interest in the matter.

Hiddens powers, a secret society... ''Molten Blade'' is a myth in present times, and the legend has just begun.

Molten Blade can be found [[http://moltenblade.comicgenesis.com here]].
This webcomic provides examples of the following:
* AltText
* AnimeHair - averted except for Fred's head o' spikes
* ArtEvolution
* CallingYourAttacks
* TheDulcineaEffect
* FauxlosophicNarration
* HandyRemoteControl - used by Chris when skipping out of school.
* InnerMonologue - Fred does this often enough with narration boxes, Chris usually only gets regular thought bubbles for his monologues
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent
* PercussiveMaintenance
* PlayingWithFire - Sam
* RescueArc
* ScheduleSlip
* SwissCheeseSecurity - hopefully the research facility from the "Rescue the Princess" arc wasn't supposed to be a high security location
* SlowDoors - again, the research facility
* ThoseTwoGuys - Beth and Ben, Sam's friends whose only purpose so far has been to provide forshadowing
* WebcomicTime - Just under one year of comics brought us to the end of the first day in-story
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Fred and Sam's hair colours are a bit more vibrant than one would expect to see in real life, and a few minor characters had dark blue hair (presumably as a stand-in for black)