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->''"What would you do if you were the smartest, most intelligent being on Earth? Would you revolutionize technology? Would you cure AIDS or cancer? Or would you devise a special battlesuit and tackle professional, dangerous criminals? [[ReedRichardsIsUseless Yeah, I know]]. But I have my reasons."''
-->-- '''Mindmistress'''

''[[http://mindmistress.comicgenesis.com/index.html Mindmistress]]'' is a webcomic created by Al Schroeder.

Lorelei Lyons is the mentally-challenged daughter of millionaire Ezekiel Lyons. Her mother was a scientist who was working on enhancing the human intellect. Experiments were a partial success--lab animals became as smart as humans, but after two weeks, they all died from rapidly growing brain tumors. One year after the death of Lorelei's mother, her last gift is delivered to Lorelei: a necklace with the intellect-upgrading device. Lorelei initially refuses to use it on herself, but when the bus on which she is riding crashes, she must use the necklace in order to save innocent lives.

With an intellect boosted far beyond the smartest human, she not only solves the immediate problem, but finds a way to counter the tumors by regularly changing back into Lorelei. She starts to live two lives, as the mentally-challenged Lorelei and as her [[BrainyBrunette super-genius self]]. When her father is kidnapped, Lorelei transforms and rescues him with her technology, and assumes the name of Mindmistress. From this moment, Mindmistress uses her intelligence as a force for good.

Mindmistress also takes a part in ''Webcomic/TheCrossoverlord'' and its sort-of sequel, ''Webcomic/{{CrossoverKill}}''. And, since there's no link on the Mindmistress site to go to the first page, follow [[http://mindmistress.comicgenesis.com/memory1.htm this elegant and finely-crafted link]] to get there.


!!''Mindmistress'' provides examples of:

* AlliterativeName: Lorelei Lyons and Mindmistress both fit this trope, even if the second '''M''' is in the middle of her name.
* AlternateUniverse: Mindmistress is one of the few webcomics characters able to travel between them.
* AntiHero: As a rule Mindmistress only gets involved when she's curious or for her own interests. She is willing to use lethal force on occasion, though doesn't make a habit of it. While not overtly altruistic, she's not incapable of empathy, and her killing of the child kidnapper was an either-or situation. Then again, she's perfectly happy to mind rape good people if it suits her as both Ant and Lightbringer find out in ''Webcomic/TheCrossoverlord'', and has even erased an enemy's mind on at least one occasion, roughly totalling her out as an UnscrupulousHero.
%%* ArtEvolution: Can be seen.
%%* BatmanGambit: Many of them.
* BlindWithoutThem: A group of people who are actually blind can see by wearing special glasses that look like sunglasses.
* BloodKnight: The mercenary Bloodlust is a villainous example. His name says it all, really.
%%* BrainyBrunette: Mindmistress.
%%* BulletDodgesYou: Mindmistress does it with her force-field.
%%* TheChessmaster: Mindmistress.
* ComesGreatInsanity: [[spoiler:Forceful, created as a sidekick by Mindmistress, from the process which gave him super-strength]].
* CrossOver: With ''Webcomic/{{Magellan}}'', ''Webcomic/CrossoverWars'' and ''Webcomic/TheCrossoverlord''.
%%* DeadlyUpgrade: Mindmistress' origin.
* DumbBlonde: Deconstructed with mentally-challenged Lorelei, who suffers from being seen as such by "normal people".
%%* EldritchAbomination: Sisters of Twilight.
* EnemyWithout: Hatrid, the personification of Mindmistress's id.
%%* EvilOverlordList: Lampshaded once.
* GoodLuckCharm: Mindmistress designed but never built this luck charm. When it is colorful, it brings good luck, but when it goes grey, it brings bad luck. She refused to make it because she could not stop it from flipping modes. However, her design was stolen and the device was built. The wearer had massive good luck, until it turned grey. He kept wearing it for a full month, causing massive bad luck storm for him. [[http://mindmistress.comicgenesis.com/vision46.htm Page where she explains it.]]
%%* TheGwenStacy: Poor [[spoiler:Troy]].
* IHaveManyNames: Mindmistress maintains multiple personae on various message boards so as to disguise her dialogue as that of multiple talented people rather than one supergenius. She also has alternate identities for when she interacts with the regular world as a regular professional.
%%* ItsPersonal: Between Mindmistress and Bloodlust.
%%* MurderInc: Vengeance Inc.
%%* MySkullRunnethOver: Mindmistress' origin, again.
* NoFourthWall: Subverted. Every time MM meets somebody aware that she's a webcomics character (like in ''Webcomic/CrossoverWars''), she points out reasons why this is impossible.
%%* OutGambitted: Mindmistress does this a lot.
* PapaWolf: "When you're a parent, even a momentary childish scream as you're getting out of your car, brings you running".
%%* ThePlan: Mindmistress is good at this, see ChessMaster.
* PowerArmor: She invented a skin-tight padded metal armor that gives her increased strength (think Spiderman, not The Thing) and agility, her velocity redirection field and a handy place to put her staff.
* ReedRichardsIsUseless: Justified. Mindmistress is afraid that her technology could change our society for worse. Most times she tries to help somebody in non-superhero ways, something bad happens.
** It's also averted with [[spoiler:Forethought, the only man in the world smarter than Mindmistress, who tries to prevent TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt, seen in visions, which will be caused by humans themselves]].
** Just to drive the point home, MM is involuntarily taken to visit an alternate universe where her now-dead parallel self released all of her super-tech into the hands of the rest of humanity. The global economy is imploding and every nutjob on the planet has access to horrible new weaponry.
* SelfDeprecation: On at least one occasion, Schroeder has openly admitted that his art style is somewhat... limited.
* SharedUniverse: With Webcomic/ZebraGirl. However, WordOfGod says it can be her alternate counterpart, not the real one.
* ShootTheDog: [[spoiler:To revive a little girl, MM has to use the device that killed the girl's murderer]].
* SpaceMaster: MM used a spatial distortion shield as a defense against magic.
* SticksToTheBack: A [[http://mindmistress.comicgenesis.com/imperv71.htm recent costume upgrade]] has let her do this with her Psyche-Staff.
%%* SuperIntelligence: The protagonist's superpower.
* TakeThat: One ''whole chapter'' full of take that's aimed at Creator/RobLiefeld, {{Stripperiffic}} Outfits, Creator/FrankMiller, {{retcon}}s, ''Marvel Zombies'', tentacle rape, BewareTheSuperman trope, and even webcomics. There's SelfDeprecation too.
* TimeAbyss: When the [[Franchise/CthulhuMythos Elder Gods]] were born, the Sisters of Twilight were already vastly old. And considering that Elder Gods are Time Abysses themselves, thinking about how old those two must be is horrific.
** They can even be older than some Outer Gods, if what they said about knowing Yog-Sothoth as a young god is true. And they said it in a way suggesting that they were already old back then. Which has interesting implications, considering Yog-Sothoth is eternal (it has always existed and will always exist). Then again, due to existing outside time and being able to freely move in it, Yog-Sothoth can indeed have been born at some point and have always existed (as nothing stopped it from appearing in time before it was born).