Webcomic: Manga-Gaga

Gaga-man, Maraca-Vegeta and others. As you can see, no Lady Gaga here.

"Drink British Tea. Manga-Gaga.
A webcomic with a cat girl, an android girl, an insane inventor, and some guys stuck in between. It's teh sexx"
Slogan of Manga-Gaga appearing in Cosmic Hero

Manga-Gaga was an extremely weird Animesque Web Comic that run from 2001 to 2006 by Gaga-man.

While there was no premise, the whole idea was that (besides the many wacky and unrelated short stories) the comic author had to deal with all the incoherency of his own crazy comic. This, with a couple of lovable characters (like Maraca-Vegeta) made the comic a really great experience.

It's the "brother" webcomic of Cosmic Hero, a webcomic done by the hoster of Manga-gaga (AceSpark). Those two comics share characters in common (the Author Avatars to be precise), and work as Alternate Universe.

It can be read here.

While it may sound similar, this comic has nothing to do with Lady Gaga. (Have in mind it was finished in 2006, long before Lady Gaga)