Webcomic / Mandatory Roller Coaster

Mandatory Roller Coaster by Aram J. French is a weekly webcomic about "loneliness, alienation, and pizza". Early strips tended to be more morose than outright funny, while later strips have branched out to incorporate traditional comedy, sight gags and absurd situations.

While the comic is single-panel and doesn't have an ongoing story, there are some recurring characters, including:

  • The bar guys. Depressed, grumpy, and unsociable (except with each other).
  • The couch guys. The definition of arrested development.
  • Bigfoot. He's on all the social networks, and he follows back.

New comics come out every Monday, because having to go back to work/school sucks.


  • Adults Are Useless: Multiple examples, including the guys on the couch and the guys at the bar.
  • Heroic Fatigue: Depression Man, who routinely stands atop buildings in order to curse the city's inhabitants and feel sorry for himself.