->"This is a web comic. Thatís all. A webcomic. About whatever we want. Thatís right. What we want."
-->--[[AC: From the About Page]]

A webcomic, created by a mysterious person (or two people, it isn't that clear) called Writerandartist. Not much is known about this person(s), except that they disdain characters who break the fourth wall, and for some reason, the Artist might hurt the Writer's family[[note]]not really, just the dog[[/note]]. And the Artist seemingly can't do that much drawing, only in stick figures. Reasoning unclear. The webcomic started on December 27, 2010, and runs Monday through Fridays. Here is a link to the first comic: http://www.magicandphysics.com/?p=25

Main characters as of creation:
* Wilai: A seemingly normal girl. She seems to be the catalyst for any character development by asking questions of the characters. Apparently is gay.
* SPDA: A gender-ambiguous genius, who is wheelchair bound and has no arms or eyes, but has a hat. Is also an Othello genius. Possibly traveled Time and Space once, and if so, probably obtained godlike powers. [[http://www.magicandphysics.com/?p=41 Read the whole thing here.]]
* Morgan Lillup: A robot girl, who can shoot powerful lasers out of her eyes. Had a nose, before pointing the nose out as ridiculous. It disappeared quickly.
* Marvil Happler: The 'normal' one of the strip. He uses his quick wits to mind screw people, get drunk, and pickpocket. Has a brother/sister called Sheldon/Shelly, who works in law enforcement. Marvil remembers Sheldon as a guy, but when picking 'him' up from the airport, 'he' was a girl named Shelly, who didn't think that she was ever a he.

That's all of the characters for now, even though the Writer seems to suggests that they need to introduce some magic characters in order to fulfill the comic's name.
Which the Writer does, adding four new characters:
* Docket- An oracle who only has really big eyes.
* Raina- A vampire, who apparently is really powerful. No proof has yet been given, however.
* Whittle- A gay wizard. His wand has a heart shape at the top.
* Lucy Fieldman- A Monster hunter who really hates Oracles. Hasn't fired on anyone yet.

!! ''Magic and Physics'' contains examples of:

* AmbiguousGender- SPDA is made of this trope, and is the main focus of his introductory strip. The Writer even states that they don't know what SPDA is.
* AGodAmI- SPDA gives one of these speeches in the past tense, so it is more of a [[AGodAmI AGodWasI]].
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking- Heavily implied. A comic ran were the joke was the stuff the creators had on SPDA was so scary that they thought it was a joke, but they dare not approach Marvil, because his file includes Jaywalking.
* BewareTheNiceOnes- SPDA seems like the nicest person in the strip, yet could have the most bloody back story, depending on whether the creator's are going to take the 'it was all a joke' or the 'it was real' path.
* EldritchAbomination- SPDA goes fishing for one. For fun.
* GenderBender- Heavily believed. Marvil, as mentioned above, has a sister who Marvil thought was a guy, but has no memories of being a guy. The Author and Writer seemed to know about it, yet didn't tell him.
* MindScrew- Apparently Marvil has become so adept at these that just saying the word MindScrew has this effect.
* NiceHat- SPDA sports one, and Marvil does for his introduction, before [[spoiler:selling it for beer. It returns, though]].
* NoFourthWall- Much to the creator's chagrin.
* [[TheChessmaster Othello Master]]- SPDA is apparently one. Unknown whether he plays around with people's lives, however.
* ShoutOut- One of the more obvious examples is to ''Series/DoctorWho'' ó at least the music of it, with their reference to ''Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home''.
** ShoutOut list now includes ''Manga/TheWorldGodOnlyKnows''.
*** And ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''.
*** It can be argued that the whole thing is a ShoutOut to ''Webcomic/{{XKCD}}'', from the art style, to the nerdiness that comes and goes at times.
* StickFigureComic
* RobotGirl- Morgan definitely is one, but not in a fetish-esque way.
** Unless someone [[RuleThirtyFour has a thing for stick figures]].
* RobotMaid- Subverted, as when reading the list of roles for characters, it would have been assumed that Morgan would have been the maid. However, in reality, SPDA was the maid.
* PsychicPowers- SPDA (who seems to own most of the tropes here) has telekinesis, and uses it to mess with the creators.

That's it for now. Come back as more comics come out.